I didn’t make it….

But I can still brag!!!

Favorite coworker made this for a friend who just had a baby. It is beautiful! She claims she hasn’t knitted in a long time but … does that perfectly even basket weave look like someone who doesn’t know what she is doing? I don’t think so! It came off the needles today during break and to see her reaction to the finished project was so much fun for me! Same reaction that I usually have, a touch of “maybe I’ll just keep it,” a bit of “Can’t wait to give it to the rightful owner” a whole heap of pride and just a tiny ounce of “they better appreciate this!” The blanket is lovely and blue and soft and large enough to stick with the child for a good long time. It is a nylon and acrylic blend and it is so very very soft and thick! I can only hope that knitting is contagious and that the bug is permanent!

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2 thoughts on “I didn’t make it….

  1. Yeah, I think her gauge is super consistent. Unlike my crazy loose knitting! I keep trying to get her to come to knit night…….Hopefully soon!

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