Lack of knitting to post

It has been a few days since I posted anything, mostly because there has been a severe lack of knitting updates to post!  I’d prefer not to keep boring everyone with updates on the project that must not be named so I am waiting to get the front off the needles.  Only 10 more centimeters to go.  I still think October 13 is a rather ambitious date to complete the project by, but I can at least shoot for that.

So, in order to keep everyone entertained, I give you stories of the daughter.

So as I mentioned, she likes all things Peter Pan these days.  What really cracks me up is that when we go to the park, rather than playing on the slides, she walks the perimeter on the wooden boards with her arms outstretched singing “we can fly we can fly we can fly!”


Update on bedtime issues.  She has decided that chocolate is worth not waking me up at night.  However, calling me back upstairs and crying at bedtime is still higher on the scale of things to do than the call of chocolate.  So she isn’t getting chocolate in the morning.  So, I am now telling her that if she calls me back upstairs repeatedly and cries, I will take ALL of her movies, put them away, and she will not be able to watch any of them ’till she earns them back.  That was apparently a real threat, not a peep out of her last night.  Which was good, since it was the season premier of Heroes!

I have also realized that 8:30 seems to be around her natural bedtime.  I have tried to put her to bed earlier but she still falls asleep around 8:30 so I think I am best just going with it!