Well maybe not official…

Apparently to change your name back after a divorce, you must have that written in the divorce decree.  He has to “give you permission” to take back your maiden name.  Never have I heard something so ridiculous.  So, my options are, get the divorce amended by the judge, keep my name the same, or go for a “Common Useage” name change.  There are rules to that but for the most part, I just use the name I want consistently.

Lets examine these options.  In the last post, we examined why I prefer not to keep my name the same.  But amending the divorce decree will be difficult, and my ex would have to agree to it.  If he thinks it is important to me, he is not likely to agree to it in the first place.

I don’t think I understand this common usage thing.  I suspect that you would have to be awfully consistent, but how do you do so when you often have to back everything up with identification?  I don’t really get it.

So I suppose for now, I am stuck with this name I took.  Too bad really.  I am a little down about it.  I suppose it is that rebellious nature I just talked about getting really bent out of shape that he can dictate what name I can or cannot have.  Boy that really rubs me the wrong way!