Front is done

And I even wove in my ends ahead of time! Now that is an accomplishment if you ask me.


I really did want to get this front off the needles this weekend, but I wasn’t sure it could be done since I have been studying more than knitting. I am very pleased it is done, now for the back!

Also, I started to swatch for The Secret of the Stole. Now, technically I knew I wasn’t going to use the harmony needles I have since they are too large for the project, but I just wanted to get a good feel for the needles themselves to see if I liked them. They are indeed sharp, which is great. They are also super slippery in my opinion. It is fantastic to have slippery sharp needles that aren’t metal, since my hands can’t work with metal at all! But for lace I am thinking my addi’s might be better. I’d really like to get ahold of the sock set in harmony’s as I think they would work super well.

Today I asked my daughter if I could give her a hug, which she allowed for a bit, but then said “That’s enough!” That is the first time I have heard her use that phrase, I just burst out laughing.

Also, she is a pretty decent ball winder operator.