Wrap me up like a what???

For awhile now, my daughter asks me to cover her up with her blankie when she watches a movie.  So I cover her up and tuck her in and tell her I am wrapping her up like a burrito.

Last night she said “Cover me up! Cover me up PLEASE!”  So I went over and started to tuck her all in her blankie, and she says “Wrap me up like a….burger!”

3 thoughts on “Wrap me up like a what???

  1. so’d you get 2 blankies for the bread!? That is adorable! Get a few recordings of her voice as it matures over the years – it’s so much fun to listen to that progression later! 🙂

  2. One step further- get her a tape recorder she can carry around(if they still make such an animal) with a microphone.

    Mama and Daddy still have tapes of me pretending to report on things (think Kermit on Sesame St), interviewing them, singing, making general statements, etc…

    It’s better than a diary and a hoot for the kids to listen to when they grow up.

  3. Ooh, yeah, I used to have a tape of my sister and I just goofing off when we were children. Shortly before I got married I found it again and listened to it. Too funny! And how my voice had changed! LOL

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