Lack of blogging material

Or lack of desire to blog? One or the other. Perhaps it stems from project which must not be named taking longer than anticipated even though I am knitting on it constantly, at work, at home, at class (only before class and during break), in line, etc. I am nearing the end of the back, I need 9.5 repeats of the pattern before I cast off, I have started repeat #8. Then sleeves and sewing it up. I don’t think it will need much in the way of blocking, and blocking cables can be touchy anyhow. I will put the whole thing together and then decide if I will steam block it inside out or not. I have been really great about weaving in my ends as I go, which is great since I dislike that more than anything else, including seaming!

In other news, as most of you already know, I had my first exam last Wednesday. I am not sure how I did. I feel confident about 40% of it, the technical aspect. The other 60% is essay, and leaves a lot to the interpretation of the professor. I am nervous, to say the least. Trouble is, we probably won’t know until next Wednesday.

In other news….the Renegade Knitters meet tonight. Yes, thats the SECOND Tuesday of every month. Not the first, which is what I suggested on Ravelry last week and ended up with 4 or 5 people there, but none of the lovely people who started the group. Seemed odd at the time but we knit together and enjoyed each other’s company anyhow. I didn’t realize until I got home, and checked Ravelry, where an original member mentioned that I was a week ahead of schedule. Does that make the group that was there last week the Renegade Renegade knitters? Tattoos have already been suggested 😉

What other news have I for you? I am afraid nothing worth mentioning. We do, after all, want to keep the readers interested, not bored to tears, so I will do away with the most mundane details.

Maybe this week there will be a picture of the back of the project…..we will see!

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