Small Kindness

Story about a Doctor and a small kindness with a patient.

How often do we actually look at others and see what is disconcerting to them?  It is disconcerting to not be able to see.  I feel this every time I take off my glasses, and my vision is really not that bad.   He could have never thought about this small kindness at all.  He could have figured it wasn’t “his job.”  He could have been harsh with the patient, after all, the patient was being harsh with everyone around him.

How often am I too wrapped up in my own affairs to see what little thing I could be doing for someone else?  Some little thing that costs me nothing, but makes their life better, in doing so, makes my own life more full.  Being thoughtless comes so naturally, just like being rebellious.  The 2 go hand in hand.  Sometimes I am thoughtless deliberately because I am feeling rebellious.  Sometimes I am thoughtless and get called on it, which makes me feel rebellious.  I think that along with watching my rebellious nature, I need to watch my thoughtlessness.

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