Since I have been avoiding it….

A school post.

First off, I aced the quiz this week. That is a good positive start to this post.

Secondly, we got our first exam back. Now, class breaks down like this:

10% class participation grade (active and intelligent class participation)

15% quiz grade (lowest grade dropped)

20% exam # 1

25% exam #2

30% exam #3

So, class participation is graded on a curve. Just for being there, we get credit. For participation, a bit more credit, for active intelligent participation, even more. If we don’t feel confident about this, we can do an 8 page research paper. (yuck, no thanks, Not for 10 %, I’d rather participate). Some people don’t show up. Some people leave half way through class. Some never talk at all. So if this is graded on a curve, I think I am doing ok.

Quizzes. I have aced all of them except one, where I managed to miss one question. Pretty good record so far.

Exam# 1 has been taken and handed back. I was devastated. Cried all evening long. I knew it might not be great, and I know I can learn from this test to know what he expects for the next test, but I was truly upset over…….my B.

So, what exactly is my problem? In my head, I know this isn’t a terrible grade. But if it isn’t an A, it isn’t worth having. I seriously considered dropping the course over this B. Had a terrible night. I suspect this might have been some of the trouble I had in school my first time around. I look back at my transcripts and am consistently surprised that they aren’t all D’s and F’s! I didn’t get ANY D’s or F’s back then, but I was SO SURE that I had. Seems that B stands for “Big Fat Looser” in my head. Where did this all come from?

Let’s top this off with how the class spread went. 4 A’s, 9 B’s, 9 C’s, 8 D’s, and 4 F’s. See? I am still toward the top of the class. So brain? It is time to SHUT UP!

Oh, I wanted to add, there are people in the class who are PERFECTLY happy with their C’s.  These are gals that will, in the next year or so, be teaching our children.  They aren’t just happy with C’s in this class, but all their classes.  They are perfectly content with mediocrity.  They make every excuse in the book why they are happy with their C’s, the teacher wasn’t good, the test was too hard, they didn’t understand the questions, the teacher didn’t let them participate, the teacher didn’t know their names.  On and on.  Makes me so eager to enter my child in the school system.    *rolls eyes*  If the teacher is that content with mediocrity, how are they going to help teach my child to reach as high as she can?  Where is the happy balance between beating yourself up over a B, and being a perfectly contented underachiever?

So tomorrow….

Yes, tomorrow was the day I had given myself as a deadline for Project.  It is a sad state of affairs, that project is NOT done.  I have 8 more rows left until I can cast off for the back.  The sleeves then need to be started.  Project is not done, and even if I knit all night long, it won’t be done by tomorrow.  Therefore, I will make cookies.  Cookies, to tide us over ’till project is done.  Spice cookies, that taste like autumn and compliment the suddenly cool weather.  Cookies that are like comfort, meant to be enjoyed with tea and candles and quickly darkening evenings.  Instead of knitting, tonight I make cookies.