To a Mouse

 I wonder what Burns would have done if the mouse was in his house?

I encountered a “Wee, sleeket, cowran, tim’rous beastie” in my kitchen last night. I have had my suspicions about his presence. I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye one morning. I then placed traps (humane ones, since they work the best) and checked them daily. I even put tempting peanut butter in them. But to no avail. So I had begun to think that perhaps I was imagining things.

Last evening I made spice cookies, hummus, yogurt, and pepper oil along with dinner. I was a cooking machine! The spice cookies were the last thing to get done, and all the rest of the dishes were done, so I rinsed out and filled up the cookie dough bowl with water and let it set overnight. I went to bed. A bit later, before I went to sleep, I heard this Plop! I thought, “now what just fell in the water and how did it get there?” So I got up, and turned on the kitchen light, and came face to face with a very wet mouse on my sink counter.
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This is a picture of my sink and sink counter (how 50’s right?)  I actually like this self contained unit quite a bit.  So my encounter with the very wet mouse took place on the left hand side, and he and I just stared at each other, him frozen in fear, me wracking my brain over what I could contain him with.  When I moved in to try to catch him, he ran behind the window shade and down behind the sink unit.  Well at least now I know WHERE he is, I moved all my traps to the top of the sink.  We will see if it helps.  Once I catch him, I should be able to seal up the opening between the sink and the wall, which should keep additional invaders out.

Current score:  Mouse 2, Me 0

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