To a Mouse part II

All weekend, no sign of my friend the mouse.  Either it is not tempted by organic peanut butter or is too smart for my humane traps.  A new tactic is being considered, thanks to “J”.  Sticky traps.  In a circle, on the counter, with cheese in the middle of the circle.  Something he cannot resist so he feels the need to cross the barrier of stickiness.

My question is, what do you do with the mice after you catch them?  Obviously with the humane traps they are still alive.  With the sticky ones, they are too.  What is to be done with a live mouse that you don’t want in your house?  If I let it go outside my home I have no doubts that it will find its way back in.  I don’t want to take it in the car to relocate it farther away.  But I am positive I am not up to killing it.  There is a limit to the intensity of dislike I can have for a creature.  (Snakes not included!)

Sugar and Spice cookies

Thanks for your interest Ali!

Sugar and Spice Cookies


¾ C soft shortening

1 C Sugar

1 egg

¼ C light molasses or dark corn syrup


Cream above ingredients together. 

2C flour

2 t soda

¼ t salt

1 t cinnamon

¾ t cloves

¾ t ginger

Combine with first ingredients. 

Bake at 375 for 10-12 min.

Top with powdered sugar