7 thoughts on “My daughter just informed me….

  1. Kids are So funny and she’s a class act!

    So, I was at a grocery store today, and the butcher came out of the back and announced to the stocker that, “We have a little mouse running around here, and we have to find it.” I couldn’t help but think of your blog, particularly when the butcher responded to the stocker’s question of, “What are we going to do with it when we find it?,” with, “Kill it, of course!” A little disconcerting when shopping, but…. LOL (Three blind mice, three blind mice…. he cut off their tails with a butcher’s knife…)

  2. LOL Sonya, what else would a butcher do? One would think he’d be far more talented at it than I would be!

    Unfortunately my mouse (mice?) are still unaccounted for. I could hope that they have just found elsewhere to be but I suspect that isn’t the case. 😦

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