Trading crafts…

The upcoming commission is off….

So my friend Nick does some woodworking. The latest commission, for a nice long scarf, was requested by him. In the past, he has looked at yarn swifts and commented that he could make one himself. But I have never taken him up on the offer. Then tonight I got this brilliant idea…..why don’t I make the scarf, he makes the yarn swift, we trade and call it even? Yeah, apparently he was thinking the same thing. Nice. I am gonna have a yarn swift!

Remember Nick?
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Edited, please see note! Did I get scammed?

ETA:  See comments, as there is now a comment from the owner herself.  Now that is service, someone who is paying enough attention to come right to the blog and comment.  Thank you Janel.  

And…..another potential advantage of Ravelry.

At the end of August, I signed up for Chameleon Colorworks Sock of the month club. At that time, you received the pattern and hand dyed yarn each month for $17 (which at that time included shipping). I thought it was a pretty decent deal since most sock yarns are about that much anyhow. I thought a sock of the month club might be kinda fun and I liked the patterns that I saw.

Quote from the site:

IMPORTANT!!! Your first kit will arrive the month after you sign up. Current subscriptions are calculated on the first of the month and dyeing commences! Kits are mailed on or near the 10th of the month. This means you might have an overlap in payments (i.e. if you signed up near the first of the month, you may pay for 2 kits before your first one arrives). Don’t worry, you will receive your kits as scheduled. If you choose to unsubscribe, your last kit arrives the month after your last payment! You will be billed each month automatically by Paypal on the same day of the month as your initial subscription, and you can unsubscribe at any time by logging in to your paypal account.”

OK, so by my calculations, if I signed up at the end of August, I should certainly be receiving my October kit. But it is now October 23, and no kit. So I canceled my subscription because I certainly don’t want them to continue to take money from me when I don’t seem to be seeing any sock kits. Now, to give the benefit of the doubt, let’s assume there was an issue. So last week I emailed explaining the situation. Nothing, not a word from them. Today I emailed both available emails. We will see if I get a response. I have already decided I will not continue in the future. My subscription will stay canceled. I now know I don’t have the time to knit socks, even if I want to. (I joke with J about having him learn to knit JUST so he can knit me some socks, since I just love to wear handknit socks but prefer to work on bigger projects.)

Since on the website there is no number to call, I decided I would need to do a bit of sleuthing, I googled them and didn’t come up with terribly much. But, on an encouraging note, I did not come up with people blogging about issues with them, leading me to think this is indeed a fluke. I then had a brainstorm, where should I be going for all my knitting needs these days? What is the BEST online source for everything knitting? Hhhmmm, let me think, why Ravelry of course! So I put in a search on Ravelry and up pops their yarn as well as the owner, and a group for the sock club. In the postings of the group there are posts about frustration with September and October sock club shipments, they all seem to be late or not coming. There is also an apology from the owner. So now, at least if I do not get an email response, I have somewhere I can go to contact her directly. Who knew this was a potential use for Ravelry?!?!