Trading crafts…

The upcoming commission is off….

So my friend Nick does some woodworking. The latest commission, for a nice long scarf, was requested by him. In the past, he has looked at yarn swifts and commented that he could make one himself. But I have never taken him up on the offer. Then tonight I got this brilliant idea…..why don’t I make the scarf, he makes the yarn swift, we trade and call it even? Yeah, apparently he was thinking the same thing. Nice. I am gonna have a yarn swift!

Remember Nick?
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2 thoughts on “Trading crafts…

  1. When I read the first line my thought was “who on earth wouldn’t want a shells scarf, they must be a bloody idiot!” …..and then I kept reading lol! Hooray for you!!!

  2. Oh, how wonderful! I’d love a swift.

    I was hoping to broker a similar deal with FIL, but when MIL visited recently, he stayed behind, so I couldn’t broach the subject.

    MIL made me a sweet set of stitch markers though. 🙂

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