The project which must not be named.

In knitting lore, one does not knit a sweater for ones significant other until one has a ring on her finger. The reason being that before the sweater is done, the man will be gone.

I decided to tempt fate.

But in order to not hang the proverbial carrot, I decided not to say whom it was for, rather just call it the “project.”

This weekend, after MUCH hard work, it got finished. (OK, just so you know, I ripped out the neckline twice to please the recipient.) I tried it on myself, and it is one hot sweater! (and soft and fuzzy and warm too!) I am certainly making one for myself down the road.

Taking a lesson from Nick, I took pictures of the process of putting it together once the pieces were finished.

So, here are the finished pieces laid out and ready to be sewn together:


I took out the saddle gusset seams upwards of 3 times to make them look as nice as I thought they should. This may be because the first time I gave them a try it was already midnight, and I am not my best at night! I looked at them in the morning and realized that they really really wouldn’t do! I did conquer the seams eventually, leaving me much pleased! See example:
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Oh, and btw….the relationship still exists.

4 thoughts on “The project which must not be named.

  1. You are one seriously talented chica!! And how could anyone leave knowing a sweater like that was coming their way?! Eff that, look out J, I’m moving in lol!!

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