Chameleon Colorworks update

Well I do need to post an update on the Chameleon Colorworks sockclub fiasco.

The shop owner assured me last week that she sent both September and October kits in the mail. She said that the post office doesn’t seem to like my work address. That could be, it has happened with various sellers at as well.

Today I got my September kit. No sign of October kit all day. Maybe tomorrow. The yarn, to her credit, is really quite pretty and I was pleased with the sock pattern as well. Very cute, I will enjoy making them. Unfortunately the whole thing has left a bad taste and I will not be continuing, especially since the price has gone up.
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Pretty yarn, one cannot deny. What a series of unfortunate events. I am a bit sad over the whole thing, sort of like a potential relationship which sadly went awry before it really began. Weird.

2 thoughts on “Chameleon Colorworks update

  1. Now, that is lovely yarn! It’s a pity about all the problems you’ve had, but you’re probably right not to carry on with the club. All the stress might result in socks knitted at an outrageously tight tension, and that wouldn’t do at all.

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