Once in awhile…

You just have to finish old projects!


This is a crochet project I started years ago.  It was supposed to be larger, right now it is about the size of a lap blanket.  It just needed a border, which I added tonight so that I could get rid of the yarn.  Yes, I am rearranging again.

Chameleon colorworks, again *sigh*

Please read the original posts, here and here.

I wanted to believe the best, as usual.

I paid for the months of September and October, finally received September kit, but never received October kit.

Since October 24 I have been told the following things, in order:

*  I should have received my October kit, get ahold of her and she will follow up on it. (October 24)

*   My September and October kits went out today (October 25)

*  October sock kits just went out with a note explaining about the delays. (November 1)

*  My October kit was sent out the day after my September kit and should have arrived (November 6)

So let’s break this down.  Because nothing matches up.  If one of these is true, then the others cannot be true and are therefore either a lie or carelessness or both.  I just want to know WHICH one is true and when to expect my kit?!?!

In the meantime, we find out that the sock club is closing and the business is being sold.  So now I am left to wonder if I will ever get this kit or get reimbursed.  I hate to think poorly of people but I am starting to get the feeling that I am being strung along just long enough so that I cannot open a paypal dispute.  After 45 days I would be out of luck.

So I opened the dispute today.  I can at least easily close it if I do eventually get my kit, but at least the protection is there!

Has anything like this happened to anyone else?  Not even necessarily with this company but in general?

Finishing (getting ready), from Nick

Now I’m not going to claim to be an expert on finishing wood. In fact I know little about it. But a friend who is well versed in wood working gave me a game plan for finishing the swift. The most important feature of the finish is smoothness since it will be used with delicate yarns.

To achieve this we are going to use 3 coats of brush-on gloss Polyurethane and a final light coat of spray-on satin Polyurethane. Between coats we will sand or “scotch-bright” the wood to prepare the surface for the next coat. Why 3 layers of gloss before the satin coat? If all 4 layers were satin the finish would appear milky (this is a characteristic of satin varnish apparently). By using gloss for the 1st 3 coats we’ll get a great clear finish. I’m told this is the same method they use on satin finished hardwood floors.

We will use a spray for the final coat to allow a VERY thin coat that will dry fast. This fast drying will mean less time for dust to settle on the wet varnish. Dust is the #1 reason a finish will not be smooth. With this quick drying process we minimize the effect of dust on our pieces.

Here is a sample piece that I finished over the last week while I was working on the swift:
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I’ll be finishing the circles 1st as some more work has to be done on the arms (more on this later). The 1st step is to make a quick “bed of nails” for the pieces to sit on while being finished. This will allow me to finish all sides at once…

I trace the circle patterns on a scrap piece of wood.
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Then hammer a few nails through to the other side.

The trick here is to use the least amount of nails as possible. Then less “stuff” is will be in contact with the drying varnish.

Here’s how it looks all ready to go.
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Next we need to sand the pieces we are going to varnish. For this I break out a new toy. A 1/4 sheet vibrating sander (calm down ladies). I’ll start with a medium grit (100) sand paper to remove any scratches or imperfections in the wood. Then finish with a fine (220) paper to smooth the wood. The one rule here is to always sand along the grain. Also for this step I use an anti-skid mat under the piece. Works like a champ!
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Here’s a video of the sander in action (In 3-D, Get out your red/blue glasses)…

Now the circles are ready for their 1st coat of gloss varnish
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