It could have been a comedy routine!

Some may remember that last year, around this time of year, I fell down my stairs.  I broke my toe and banged myself up pretty badly.  That toe hurt for months and months.  It is finally better.

Thursday night I was attempting to navigate those same stairs in the dark, and fell again.  I don’t think I broke a toe this time, but certainly bruised one pretty badly as well as maybe tore a ligament or something in my foot.  Hurts all up the foot even though the toe feels ok.  I have a slight limp but nothing pronounced.

On Saturday I was at J’s.  He doesn’t have a cordless phone so often the phone cord is out across the living room and everyone knows I can be a bit of a klutz.  I, of course, trip over the phone cord, catching the cord with my sore foot.  So it ended up more sore than it should have been on Saturday.   I took a tylenol and soldiered on.  After all, we had plans for an evening of shopping/coffee/movies.

We headed to a store to look at Clark’s brand shoes.  I needed a new  pair of winter wearable shoes, as all my boots now have holes in them and my shoes are so low that they won’t hold up to snow.  He also wanted to buy some Clarks for himself and his brother.  They are having a sale.  Unfortunately the women’s shoe sale and the men’s shoe sale are totally different sales.  The shoes I saw were about half off.  The shoes he saw were buy one, get the second half off.  We both had the same salesperson helping us out.  I knew he had been talking to her for awhile but I didn’t know what they were talking about.  I do know that he didn’t think the men’s shoe sale was much of a sale, so though he considered getting a pair, and apparently (though I wasn’t privy to this) kind of struck a deal with the salesperson where she was going to give him a coupon he didn’t actual have in hand.  (I never think to ask for such things but he always does, he is a bargain king, it just comes naturally to him).

So we are standing there at the checkout counter.  Buying my shoes, as he is not buying any.  He asks the sales person if there is any additional sale (as they had previously discussed) and I pipe up with “It is already on sale!”  After all, I thought half price was a pretty good deal.  He promptly attempts to surreptitiously step on my foot to get me to shut up.  Only he steps on my sore foot, so I say (rather loudly)  “OW!  My FOOT!  What are you DOING!”  No, I am not at ALL subtle and very clueless!  He is trying to whisper “Are you for me or against me!” out of the corner of his mouth while the salesperson tries not to laugh and rings it up for the sale (but not the coupon) price.

I am SURE she had a good laugh over the whole thing.  I would have laughed….but I hurt.  In fact, I wasn’t really ready to laugh until today.  We have even considered going back to ask her what she thought of our comedy routine.  After all, the writers are on strike right?

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