What’s on my needles :)

I don’t usually do such posts but I do seem to have quite a bit on my needles at the moment.

First up we have Nicks scarf, which is currently 5 feet long.
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I am now positive I will have to block it out a bit because the ribs pull in so far that it ends up looking like a very skinny scarf.

Then we have my mystic waters, which really hasn’t progressed much past the last picture but perhaps worth a showing anyhow:
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Now, remember the silk/baby alpaca blend that I had to send back because the color wasn’t suitable? Guess what? The color is apparently OK after all. I thought it was a lovely color myself and couldn’t understand what the problem was. Turns out that it was a totally different color than what was pictured on J’s computer screen. So I began the Na Craga (from Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting). I am once again in awe at her patterns as well as enjoying the soft silky smooth yarn. I do notice that there is a different feel about working with the baby alpaca, it is much less elastic than wool, it really doesn’t give. Hopefully the pattern will be ok anyhow.
Currently only a portion of the ribbing is done:
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Finally, I have been rearranging in my home a bit. I have gone through my yarns again and tried to put them in some order that I can see them as well as get to them easily. I also wanted to make it so that I can get to all the associated accessories easily rather than have to dig under my bed. I tried to arrange so that there were separate sections for sweater yarn, sock yarn, lace yarn, etc. More work is to be done but this is a good start 🙂
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7 thoughts on “What’s on my needles :)

  1. *drools over your stash*

    And you are worried about running out before your yarn diet is over?! Crazy kid lol!!

    I can’t wait to watch the sweater to develop….and to be skilled enough to make something so detailed myself.

  2. Otherwise known as “Shells get your butt in gear and send me my scarf!”

    I tried to knit on it today at the mechanics, but I hadn’t even finished knitting a row before the mechanic was back telling me what was wrong with my car. I thought I was supposed to have to WAIT!

  3. Well I guessed he was taller than 5′ but you did seem to indicate that it wasn’t finished 😉 lol Wow that guy looks like Michael Stipe lol.

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