Bad Juju

I just have to post that…..

I had a bit of bad knitting juju this morning and ripped the entire sleeve out of Na Craga.  I just couldn’t leave it as is, made a mistake a few rows back, got mad, and ripped it all.  If my knitting is going to be wandering around the Ukraine, it better be perfect knitting.

Thank goodness I got so far on the front this weekend that I can still feel like I am ahead of the game!

And yes, you’ll have to wait ’till tonight for pictures of the weekends progress because *someone* called me after I fell asleep last night and kept me up too late and then I was wide awake and hungry and had to take a benadryl to get back to sleep.  Causing me to sleep in until my alarm which meant that I didn’t have time to take pictures.  Oh well, today we learn patience 😉

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