Chameleon Colorworks, the final chapter (for now)

So as any of you following this blog already know, I was having an absolutely terrible time getting my chameleon colorworks sock club yarn. Today, after much frustration and a crazy amount of emails, as well as a paypal dispute that was a day away from being turned into a claim, I got my sock club socks.

This is sock club yarn I paid for mid September.
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Along with it came a bonus:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
as well as a total of 3 patterns.
Once again, I enjoy the colorways. The site is under new ownership now and I am sure that the new owner will continue to crank out great dyes. I will not join this sock club again when it reopens, but neither will I join another sock club. I just don’t make enough socks to warrant all that sock yarn! I’d like to make more socks, I just am consistently busy with larger projects and always seem to be under some sort of deadline. So mindless sock knitting is not top on my priority list.

On the other hand, I would consider, someday, some of her lovely dyed fiber.

Now I am off to find my yarn swift.
Oh wait. I don’t have one yet. That comes Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Chameleon Colorworks, the final chapter (for now)

  1. Nice yarn! Glad you got it all sorted before it turned really messy.

    Having spent the best part of this morning winding skeins into balls, I’m still lusting after a swift myself. Bet you’re dead excited! 🙂

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