When I was a kid, I was allowed to have Postum.  I liked it.  I still do and enjoy it most in the winter.  I have perfected the way I make it and for me it is better than hot chocolate.

I make it with about a tablespoon of postum, fill the mug with milk and a minuscule amount of brown or organic sugar.   Then the mug goes into the microwave to heat up.  I stir half way through, which makes the postum mix in nicely and gives it a cappuccino style froth.

I took some to J’s house.  I asked if he would like to try some.  He told me that he doesn’t like the stuff and thinks it tastes like nothing.  Now you have to remember that when I tell him I don’t like something, he gets on my case, asking me to please reserve my judgment until I have tasted what he has made.   But I didn’t give him a hard time about that, I just went ahead and made it to my specifications.

I went to drink my postum and asked if he would like a taste as I had made it.  He agreed and then soon I hear “Maybe you would make me some possum!”  (no, that is not a misspelling, he thinks it is amusing to call it possum.)  Now, every time I visit I hear “Maybe you will make us some possum!”

I guess that reserve of judgment goes both ways!

4 thoughts on “Postum

  1. lol @ possum!

    Hm I think I’ve heard of Postum but I haven’t had it. Sounds interesting, but also like it’s one of those things you almost have to grow up with to enjoy (pumpkin pie seems to be another). For a while I was drinking Ovaltine (which I actually never had growing up) but it’s gotten clumpy in the canister and doesn’t dissolve very well in milk. 😛 Probably been hanging around in the pantry too long. Maybe I should try it in my coffee…ooooh.

  2. Where do you buy Postum? I can’t find it online and haven’t seen it in my local grocery stores.
    Any tips? I also grew up with the stuff but did not like it. Now that I’m all grown up and want a coffee substitute I think it’s time to give “possum” another try.

  3. Try Teeccino – a great coffee substitute. Postum is made from wheat and corn products. Teeccino is made from roasted carob, barley, chicory root, dates, almonds, figs and natural flavors (mocha, hazelnut, etc.) Available at Whole Foods or on line. Google Teeccino and get more info if interested. I rarely touch coffee anymore since Teeccino has nutrition and a very satisfying flavor. Teeccino is also alkaline so its easy on the digestion. All best in health and prosperity!

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