First yarn part 2

Below is my 2 bobbins full of the first spun fiber. The one on the right is the first bobbin, as evidenced in the thicker yarn with a lot of inconsistency. Toward the end I was starting to get a lot thinner but things really fell into place on the second bobbin.


Then I plied. Now, by the nature of spinning 2 bobbins of yarn and then plying them together, when it is your first spun, you end up plying decent yarn with “crap.” Thick and thin slubby inconsistent yarn. This frustrates me I have to admit. On the other hand, WHO KNEW!?!?!?! that a little bit of fiber makes SO MUCH YARN!!! Those 2 little bobbins full? If you don’t spin, you have no idea how much yarn that is. Crazy. SO I may be able to get a hat or something out of the slubby gross yarn and a pair of socks or something out of the nicer yarn.

First Skein:

(I really could have used a niddy noddy or a yarn swift here, but I had neither so I used my arm.)


Does it look like yarn? Maybe sorta. Does it look like it has potential? Heck Yeah!

(J told me last weekend that he thinks I might have a “midas touch” with fiber, whatever fiber I touch turns out to look pretty)

5 thoughts on “First yarn part 2

  1. Well that looks as nice as yarn I’ve seen at Michael’s 🙂 A nubby-slubby hat or scarf would look really nice I think. I agree with J 🙂

  2. Hm, maybe I will do a whole scarf. Something along the lines of Nicks scarf. I had some left over on the second bobbin (a lot really) so I tried navajo plying (3 ply) on that so it is thicker as well, I wanted it to match in thickness what I already had!

    OK OK, I get it, I should keep this yarn and do something with it even though my first instinct is to throw it out. *sigh*

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