Niddy Noddy Nick (from Nick, if you hadn’t guessed)

Oodles of Noodles…

OK lets’ get this party started… I’ve been commissioned once again to construct a wooden knitting device. This time a Niddy Noddy. Since I think the name Niddy Noddy sounds completely GHEY you will hear me refer to it as other things. For some reason noodle sticks in my head. So I’ll call it noodle items most of the time.

So a noodle doodle is a thing that spinners (like Shells) can wind their yarn on after spinning. Then it goes on the swift? Then into balls? I’m sure all this process has a reason, but I already know way too much about knitting…

So the wood I picked out is the same as the swift. Poplar. I purposely picked a piece with lots of green “heartwood”. Although in my research I’ve found out the green will eventually brown with exposure to the light. I guess Shells with have to Noodle in the dark if she wants it to stay green. The 1” dowel will make up the “handle” of the noodle.
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1st step is to cut the Poplar 1x2s (same stuff the swift arms are made of) into 12” lengths.
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Net I’ll have to glue two lengths together essentially making a Poplar 2×2 to carve the arms out of. For this I use Titebond III wood glue. Which is also waterproof in case Shells finds herself noodling outside in a mid-western tornado.
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The arms are clamped and set aside to cure overnight.
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5 thoughts on “Niddy Noddy Nick (from Nick, if you hadn’t guessed)

  1. The progression goes more like this:
    Yarn gets spun, then plied together.
    Yarn gets wrapped onto niddy noddy. This is useful for putting needed tension on the yarn while it relaxes and you can get a good idea of how much yarn you have by counting your wraps and multiplying by how long one wrap is.
    Then you tie it off, wash it, whack it, hang it to dry.
    Then you put the whole thing on the swift and wind it into a ball.

    Currently I am using the swift as a substitute niddy noddy.

  2. Alright….I will give you that niddy noddy is a bit of a ridiculous name…..but I’m really not certain that noodle doodle is much better LMAO!!!

    And Ms. Shells, I would LOVE to see a blogging of a fibre going through the process from start to finish, should you be so inclined…:D Perhaps when the niddle diddle is finished?

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