Now that is yarn worth looking at.

So my second skein is done. Made from the Bluefaced Leicester roving.
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My desire is to spin laceweight. I am not quite there yet. But after spinning, plying, washing, whacking, and hanging to dry with a weight on the bottom, I have what I am pretty sure could be called fingering weight. There are still some slubby parts, but not anything to be concerned about. I am very very proud of this one! Socks for Riley coming up!


Also, I wanted to mention that since I do not yet have a niddy noddy, Nicks swift came in so handy! When I finished spinning, I set the bobbin on the lazy kate, put it up on the table, threaded the yarn through the eyelet of the ball winder, and wound the whole thing on the swift. Worked fantastically!
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Now I just have to figure out why my wheel is screaming at me.

Now for your fiber of the day. Today’s fiber comes from C*Eye*Ber Fiber. This one is also 50/50 Merino Tencel. It is shiny but not as shiny as the other. I just loved the silvery tones of this one.
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6 thoughts on “Now that is yarn worth looking at.

  1. Well the 5th peg is on there, but I am not using it to wind, because the swift is too big, and my arms are long but not THAT long! So I just push the arms of the swift around, works great since it runs so smooth!

    The 5th peg is on there for…..counting! I had leftover yarn from one bobbin, so I spun it up and counted how many rounds it made. (36) then used the ball winder to wind 18 rounds off, divide, then do the rest. I was then able to ply them together and end up with just a few inches of one. “Twas excellent use of the 5th peg!

  2. Shells, that skein is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You absolutely should be proud of it!! As an aside, the colour is gorgeous as well!

    Spin moar, spin moar!!!!

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