8 thoughts on “Fiber and then some.

  1. I’ve no idea what this fiber wants to become yet πŸ™‚ I agree, the colors are beautiful, well blended, and truly are mountain/forest/mist colors. Reminds me of home. I think it will become something for me, we will see how much yardage I get out of it as to what it ends up being.

  2. LOL how do you know me so well! I love them too, but I always make them then give them away. Some day I want to KEEP a shawl! (actually I have one on the needles now that I intend to keep, providing I ever get time to work on it.)

    There is just something about lace knitting…..and something about spinning laceweight….that I just love. Perhaps it will always amaze me that someone as clumsy as I am can do something delicate!

  3. My wish is to have the time.. and then again sometimes for the same reason of thinking ” can make that shawl but i will last 3 years making it ” so I end up full of shame buying it haha..

    WEll is nice to meet you and know there’s other shawl loving, wih little time person out in the world!


    I’m subscribing to your blog.

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