Here comes your fiber

To be honest, technically, I am early. On the other hand, I can’t sleep, because when I turn out the light I can SWEAR I hear a mouse. So finally I got up and took everything under my bed out and have cleaned extremely well and set a trap. Luckily I know he isn’t making a nest in my fiber…..the fiber is too high up!

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This is also Miss Violet dyed roving, 100% wool.  I am rather fascinated by the colors and am interested to see how they spin up.

Only one more day of new fiber…….then I suppose I will actually have to find a way to post knitting content.  Or something.

4 thoughts on “Here comes your fiber

  1. The ironic part is that this was the first night in a week she slept through the night (incentive for that was a new movie from the library) so I would have been rested finally, but no…….stupid mouse. I am off to buy poison today.

  2. Oh and yes, I took a benadryl but he still kept me up all night! He doesn’t respond to yelling “Hey mouse! go away!” Only getting up and turning on the lights help, and then only for an hour or so. He is pretty persistent.

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