So last night….

I wanted to hear the mouse!  Yes I did!  Know why?  Because I bought poison.  Yes, I have given up catching those little buggers via traps and have moved onto poison.  I have put the poison in places I don’t think my Bug can get to it even if she was out of my site, but to be honest, I truly don’t believe she’d bother with it if she saw it.  She would probably come ask me what it was and then accept my explanation.  Yeah, she is easy like that.

But I didn’t hear the mouse.  *sigh*  Maybe I will get lucky and my exhaustion just overran any noises I might have heard.

I had my second to last class last night.  One more week than the final.  I cannot tell you how pleased I will be to have it over with.  I am just TIRED and a 3 week break will be pleasant.