In a mad moment…

And by mad I do not mean crazy, I mean actually angry…..I cast on for another project. You see, a couple nights ago I had no knitting mojo. Looking back I think it was because I was coming down with something. It is a good sign I am getting sick if I can’t manage to knit even a simple project. Or there is a lack of desire to knit. So the other night I was working on mystic waters and couldn’t manage to get a row right. At this point I will have to pull out at least 2 rows. Then I tried to spin, but repeatedly was underspun and the draft kept breaking. I’d fix it just to have it happen again. Then I broke a piece and it got so lost in what was on the bobbin I absolutely could not find the end. I realized I needed to put that down when I was desirous of throwing the entire bobbin, or breaking the spun single to fix it. I picked up B’s sweater, but had no desire to knit it.

So I cast on. For Baby Jay’s for the Bug. She has wanted socks, particularly orange socks, for at least a year now. I have started them for her then ripped them out. So I figured a good project would be handspun socks for Christmas.

These will be too big, more slippers than socks. I knew they wouldn’t fit right due the the variance in the yarn, as it is only my second skein remember? But one is done so I can show you, though it won’t be on her since they are a surprise.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She will be happy with them and they should be quite warm. I am pleased. I do not know if my mojo is back or not because I have had a severe lack of desire to knit paired with a cold, paired with need to study paired with lack of desire to study and desire to read for pleasure rather than class. *sigh*

On another note, Bug is a bit upset with me because I did not make myself Birthday Cakie, which she really wanted to eat.

2 thoughts on “In a mad moment…

  1. That sock is absolutely adorable, and I love that you knit with your very own yarn!!

    I can’t wait for your cakie baking session with your Bug!!!

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