Fiber Fun Friday

First off, a big fat Thank You for the birthday gift my friend Sav sent me. Here it is….
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Handmaiden silk/wool in colorway Paris, which is more than appropriate, you will understand why in a moment!

I SO do not deserve such a nice gift!

‘Cept, Ladies and Gentlemen, I think she might have some ulterior motives….you see, we have both caught the clap.  Thats right, we are happily jumping on a knitting bandwagon.  Together.  I am not sure who has infected first, but we both have a burning desire to knit Clapotis.   (Pronounced Clap-o-tea)  I am tempted to call it clapotease as the pattern has been teasing the corners of my mind just waiting for an appropriate yarn.  Now, some will be horrified to know that I don’t particularly like multicolor yarns and handpaints.  Well, thats not clear, I LOVE them, I love to look at them and feel them.  I love to admire them as art.  I want them in my house.  I don’t like the way they knit up, unless it is for socks.  Even then I struggle.  But once in awhile a pattern comes along that BEGS for the use of handpaints or hand dyes and it won’t be done justice without them.  Clapotis is one of those.  I was just waiting for the perfect hand dye to catch my attention.

I will be doing this in the larger wrap size.  Sav will be doing one in the scarf size.   This should be fun!

4 thoughts on “Fiber Fun Friday

  1. Hooray for the clap!!!! And you entirely deserve it especially after everything you sent me from your stash of yarn and needles!!! And I ADORE the yarn you picked out; it looks even better with your camera than on the site! It is going to look fabulous in the clap!!!

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