Nap Time

Bug has decided that sometimes she wants to sleep in her “big girl bed” during naptime. This is actually because she wants to get up and play rather than nap. Which is fine by me, as long as she is upstairs. After about a half hour of playing I can usually call upstairs and tell her to try to sleep and she does.

But if she naps for even 5 minutes in the car, I am done for. It is like a power nap and she can’t get back to sleep. Yesterday I sent her upstairs anyhow because I needed a nap and some study time. I napped even though I could hear her playing. But eventually I stopped hearing her, much to my surprise she had gone to sleep. I knew I had to wake her up or she would be up all night long, so I went upstairs. I looked about the room and began to panic, she wasn’t in her crib or her big girl bed. I just couldn’t quite locate her and my heart began to race! Then I spotted her here:


Fast asleep on the middle row of her infant changing table.

3 thoughts on “Nap Time

  1. Lol, she’s like a cat; they’ll sleep anywhere!!! Everyone should nap, it needs to be a law, and it should always be done extravagantly! 😀

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