New Obsession

So….I have begun to spin one of the Merino/Tencelblends.  I know I mentioned that I would probably spin it last, because I have heard that the short fibers and slipperiness of merino/tencel could be hard to get accustomed to.  But, I decided I wanted a challenge.  Much to my amazement, I find this actually easier to spin than what I was spinning.

I have also been a bit irritated about the fact that though I love the colors of what I have been spinning, I cannot help but notice that it is not terribly soft.  Not the softness of fine yarn that you want to pet and rub against your face.  In fact, as I am knitting it, I sort of don’t want to touch it at all.  Though I think some conditioning will soften it up, I really wanted to try something known for being soft.

The merino/tencel blend?  Oh my gosh so soft!  So soft, so shiny!  It is a pleasure to spin.  Excuse the poor picture, I apparently need a new camera that can handle better resolutions.  This does not even begin to capture the soft shininess that is this fiber!


Somehow this fiber makes me think of India.  Not that I have ever been to India.  Its just that the shininess and color contrasts make me think of fine Indian restaurants I have been to, and the contrasts in colors and flavors of Indian food. 

The singles are looking so fine as they are that I intend to leave it as singles and knit lace.  I think that plying this yarn together would somehow take away from the prettiness that it is.  The tweed look that one gets with plying colors just won’t work for me.