2007 Knitting Meme

2007 has been a huge year of growth knitting wise.  I have learned more this year than ever before, tackled bigger projects and discovered more about my chosen craft than I ever imagined.  I had been knitting on and off for a few years but my knitting got into full swing in October of 2006.  I remember it clearly.  I had decided to make this hat and these gloves for my Bug.  It was at the first large conference I had planned out here, and the whole thing ran so smoothly that week that I was able to finish the hat and start on the gloves by the end of the conference.  After those projects, my desire to try new techniques just blossomed.  Prior to that I had been playing Sims2 quite a bit, after that, my free time shifted.  Looking back on it now, I can see that Sims2 was a great escape from thinking about the life I had during that time period.  A life which was out of my hands and not all that easy.  But after hardship there is ease.  And with that ease brought a shift in priorities.

In 2007, I made:

*    2 pairs fingerless gloves

*    5 hats

*    7 pairs of socks
*    1 dishcloth
*    1 cotton grocery bag
*    1 needle case, felted
*    2 tank tops
*    1 sweater
*    4 scarves
*    2 lace shawls/stoles
I also completed 2 languishing/hibernating projects and reworked the neckline of the RL sweater.  Decent, when working full time and being a single mom and going to school half the year.
So now on to the meme portion of this post:
1.  Best FO of the year….
A toss up between J’s Sweater and Creatures of the Reef.  Both were major accomplishments for me on the learning curve.    Both were surprisingly easy when all was said and done.
2.  Best FO of the year made by a blog you link to….
This might be stretching it, as I follow her not because she is on my blogroll but because I stumbled across this!  And, it is not a truly FO, but she has steaked….which makes it close enough in my book! (Mom, you may want to check her out, she quilts too, she is really quite amazing!)
3.   Best yarn you tried.
*Shells “claps” for her Handmaiden!   So wonderfully soft, So beautifully dyed!
Close second would be anything of my own spinning at this point.  Maybe not truly amazing in the softness department, but there is just something about knitting with yarn you have spun!
4.  Best new book/mag/pattern of 2007.
I don’t own it yet, but I’d have to say “The Best of Interweave Knits.”  There is great variety in the book, and for someone like me who hasn’t subscribed to Interweave Knits, it is a fantastic way to sort of catch up.
5. Best new knitting technique or gadget
This was the first year I learned the spit splice and russian join.  What a help that was!
6.  Top 5 inspirations – what 5 things inspired me the most over the past year.
Ravelry for sure!  Knitty comes in second.  The lovely knitters on my tag surfer.   Sav
and Nickbee as fellow creative peoples whom I spend my day emailing and discussing projects with.  And finally we cannot forget the crazy wonderful gals at knit night, spending time with fellow knitters/spinners is wonderful.  You can see projects in action, feel yarn you haven’t bought before, and laugh a whole heck of a lot!
7.  Designer who most amazed & inspired you throughout the year
I would have to say Pink Lemon Twist as I did MS3 as an early foray into lace and got positively caught up in the beauty of her other patterns.
8.  Knitting resolutions for 2008 – what’s next for you and your blog.
First of all, I need to make sweaters for myself.  Somehow, once you knit sweaters, the fiber on the store shelves just doesn’t compare.  When I was younger, I was always too warm to wear sweaters.  Now I am cold.  Most of the time.  So sweaters are a must and I am sure everyone is sick and tired of seeing me in the same ones over and over.
Secondly, I do very much intend on getting my hands on some Kauni yarn and perfecting my colorwork skills.
Thirdly, I fully intend to stay on my yarn diet even past the April cut off date.  Yarn dieting has been great for saving up for other things.  Things which are important such as school, and things that I want, such as a spinning wheel.  I might even be getting addicted to yarn dieting!  There is some element of control to it that I am very much enjoying.
And finally, I must spin more!  Perfect my spinning skills.  I want to buy some superwash merino, send some to Sav and let her dye it.  Then I can spin it and we can split it up.  I do think that would be a blast as she has an eye for color that I want to take advantage of!
For my blog:
I never intended for this to be a “knit blog” but it had a mind of its own.  I want to continue to temper the knitting content with every day life content.  Life has gotten seriously busier than what it was when I started, but blogging is something I am continuing to enjoy.  Now if only my computer will cooperate…
I haven’t seen a lot of tagging going on with this meme, but what is a meme without tags?  So I hearby tag, but these lovely people are under no obligation whatsoever to respond.  Or read for that matter!
1.    Sav
And because I’d love to get to know them better….
4.    Christina 
Have a happy, and more importantly safe, new year everyone.  Keep knitting!  (or crafting in any way you see fit!)

Niddy and then some, from Nick

Here’s what we look like after 2 coats of danish oil (to help bring out the grain) and 4 coats of gloss wipe on gloss poly. If things look good tomorrow it will get the final coat of satin poly tomorrow. If not a few more coats of gloss might be in order. Wipe on poly is much thinner than brush on so it takes more coats to build up. But this help in eliminating drips and sags that can happen with brush on finishes.

(Shells aside)
We have talked about Sis’ pen box but I never posted any pictures. So here they are, aren’t the gorgeous!?!?!
Here’s Sis’ pen holder at the same point in the finishing process…