Weekend event pictures

I thought I would post a few pictures of the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

Starting with the Bride and Groom.


I think they are crazy for taking pics outside, it was cold!

Here is a little moment between the Bug and her uncle.


And another of the Bug, who went around saying all day “I get to look like a princess like my mommy!”


Oh, you want to see what mommy looked like? (Sorry Will, I pulled you out of this pic because you looked totally whacky, but I looked good, you will be featured later.) This is of me, the groom (my brother) and my “other brother” John. Not featured is my “other other brother Will”


Also, here we are at the rehearsal dinner as well


Then a group shot, of the real brother, the cousin brothers, and a real cousin.


Now a couple of wonderful dancing pictures

Mom and Bro


Bro and TOO adorable cousin Monique


and Will and his wife Nikki, who look just fantastic in this picture if you ask me!


Bug gets her hair cut

So I have always cut the Bug’s hair myself.  There seemed no need to get it done elsewhere since she really doesn’t have all that much hair.  But with the upcoming wedding that she will be in, I thought it prudent to get someone else to do it so that it turned under nicely and was even.

She has gone with me to the “hair cutting store” to see my stylist.  They have a pedicure area with a long bench that has lovely pillows and blankets on it.  When we go to my stylist, she goes up and lays down on the bench.

I told her that she would be going to get her hair cut, and the first thing she said was “Now you can go sleep on the bed!”

We talked a lot about going to get her hair cut since she likes to discuss new situations before she experiences them.  I told her that she would need to sit very still and do whatever the stylist told her to do.  Well when I picked her up at school, it seemed obvious that the whole thing wasn’t going to go very well.  She was grumpy and crying and there were tell tale signs that she had not eaten lunch.  She kept saying “Mommy, I am SOOO tired, I don’t want to go get my hair cut I want to go home!”  I told her she would feel better after chicken and fries, and indeed she was able to hold it together by the time we got to the salon.

The stylist called her back, and we got her up in the booster seat.  She had been talking to the stylist but once she was in that seat, she suddenly stopped talking.  The stylist told her she could have a little toy if she sat still.  The Bug wouldn’t even answer her.  She sat there, still and quiet, and I rather wondered what was wrong with her!  Then the stylist left for a moment, and Bugs head snaps around and she says “I am sitting VERY still so I can get a toy!!!”  OH, so thats what is going on!  As soon as the stylist came back, same deal, she was extremely still and did everything that the stylist asked her to do.  The stylist kept saying “We NEVER get toddlers like this!  This is so unusual, she is so good!  She is sitting so still!  I can’t get over this!  I work in a restaurant, children don’t act this well behaved!”  I was so so proud of my bug.  As soon as she was out of that chair, she was chattering away to the stylist and got to pick out her toy.  She so earned it!

We got home, and Bug wanted to go back again.  That went better than expected!

Lessons from the Bug

We drove past a hospital this morning as we had to take a friend to the airport before work.  The Bug wanted to know what that big place was.  I told her it was the hospital, to which she said:

“Oh, like where we go when we are sick, so we can get better.”

Well, accurate so far.  And then:

“Like if a mean dinosaur  bites us we have to go there so that Doctor can take care of us and make it better.”

Yup, just like that.

Weekend knitting turned into….


Yeah, I said I wasn’t going to spin until after my brothers wedding.  But with J away this weekend and the Bug spending some time with her father, I did get quite a bit of knitting done.  B’s sweater (which J is sure will NEVER be done) is being…..fixed. Sleeve # 1 was too tight under the armpit.  So I knit sleeve #2 to the correct measurements.  Sleeve #2 is done.  Sleeve #1 is ripped out and put back on needles and quite a bit of knitting has been done on that as well.  Add in some knitting on the baby blanket as well as the 2 lace projects, my poor hands were really feeling it by tonight.

So I started spinning this.   I’d take a picture but I cannot get it to look right.  I am surprised (as usual) at how much lighter in color this is spinning up.  I joined Mystic Light secret knit along, since I am loving Mystic waters so much.  Mystic Light will be using sock weight yarn, and I am thinking of using this for it.  Single ply. As it does rather remind me of firelight and summer evening sky.  We will see if I end up with enough yardage.  If not, I suppose it will make nice socks 🙂

And for those who suspect that I did nothing but knit this weekend…..I did a ton of cleaning, studied for class, and packed for the trip.  The best part was cleaning the Bugs room, which really really needed to be done.  We then moved her train set upstairs, as I had made a great big floor area for it, and built the biggest train track possible with the tracks we have.  The best one yet!

Now if only I can manage to not get the cold that feels like it is coming on……I suspect I will have to succumb to it eventually.

Bugisms part 2

So I’ve been putting off going to the store.  I have…..potatoes left.  I thought we would have eggs, but when I went to the fridge, they were gone.  Either there is an egg eating fairy in my house or I used them all over the weekend.  I suspect the former.  😛

I don’t usually make potatoes even though the Bug likes them, because I do not feel that peeling them at the end of the day is a responsible use of my time.  Well, I didn’t peel them tonight either, just scrubbed them and boiled them.  I informed the Bug that the skins were just fine, quite good actually, and good for her body too.  She likes to ask me “does this food help our bodies?”  I informed her that potato skins taste good and help our bodies.

So she sat down to eat, she practically couldn’t keep her hands off them even though they were too hot.  She looks up and she says “Mommy!  These potatoes are ‘alicious!!!  Even the skins are ‘alicious!!!”

Later on this evening, I heard her saying “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!”  Well, I have only heard that once or twice before from my mom, but I know we didn’t really teach it to her.  Apparently one of the kids at school hears it frequently and taught it to her.  Well she wandered about repeating this mantra, then wanted my attention.  I was, of course, knitting.  She bounces right up on my lap, gets in my face, and says “You get what you get and you KNIT KNIT KNIT!!!”

Latest blond moment

I don’t think we can even begin to call my hair color blond anymore, but apparently I retain the stupid gene that goes along with it.

Yesterday I had my first public speaking class.  I had not paid much attention to the class ahead of time, instead preferring to knit my heart out in anticipation that there would be a lot of study and prep time needed this semester.   So yesterday during work I realized I didn’t even know where the building was.  No problem, I had given myself plenty of time to buy my books and walk around campus.

So I looked up where my class was being held.  I didn’t really know of the building so I asked favorite coworker.  She said that she thought it was on the other side of campus from where we typically park.  That was ok, I had time, and I had my suspicions that she was right.  The only part of this that I didn’t care for was walking back to the parking garage late at night but I figured I could handle it.

So I printed out my class schedule, bought my books, and headed up campus.  Hiked all the way to the top of campus with a bookbag full of books and realized that I wasn’t seeing my building anywhere.  I walked back and forth a bit in an attempt to not have to ask for directions.  To no avail.  I stopped in the library and asked.  They informed me that the building I wanted was at the bottom of campus near the parking garage.  OK, no problem.  So I hike back down campus and go looking for the building.

Imagine my surprise when it was the same building I was in last semester!!!!!

New yarn for additional projects

Well, you have all been hearing much about Nicks next scarf, and the yarn for it has finally arrived.

It is very soft squishy yarn. I told Nick that it was much squishier and softer than his last scarf. Know what he said? Direct Quote: “ohhhhh now I want it now :)…. You can just send me the yarn and I’ll wrap it around me… ”

Yeah, thats a knitter in the making if you ask me!

And I got this sock yarn along with it…..it just SCREAMED Jenjen to me, somehow. Imagine my surprise when she contacted me and told me she was sending me a Neil Gaiman book, Neverwhere, authors preferred text version. How sweet of her to remember me! So Jenjen gets the socksocks:

We will see if I can manage to get them to fit being so far away.  Hopefully she won’t mind them being tried on by my coworker who has her size feet.

2 new techniques….

In just one pair of socks!

So I have this Koigu KPPPM. The purple stuff. And it is oh so pretty. But I have so little of it. So I want to use just as much as possible of the yarn and not waste any. I don’t want to run out.

My idea is to use a different color for the toe and the heel, saving the pretty yarn for the majority of the sock. How must I accomplish this? Well, first I have to attempt toe up socks, which have so far scared me. I love kitchener stitch, doesn’t bother me a bit to go toe down and graft the toe together. But in this case I run the risk of lacking yarn, so I tried the figure 8 cast on with some leftover matching yarn and proceeded to work on the toe.

I will knit a tube and then add the afterthought heel as I ran across this in Yarn Harlot’s blog and was just amazed, it made so much sense especially if one is trying to add a different color entirely to the heel. Really funny blog post too, read it! “Maybe I’ll just knit a tube and then see if I still have heels on my body when I’m done.” just cracks me up every time!

That gives me 2 new techniques conquered in one pair of socks. Not bad at all! J always tells me that he thinks knitting is good for your brain as long as you are always learning new patterns and techniques. I can FEEL my brain growing 😉

Also, you didn’t think I was going to knit the whole thing in stockinette did you?

*Shells dies of boredom*

I added a 3×1 moss stitch rib to the top, and once the heel area is determined, I will continue that all the way around.


I am extraordinarily pleased with a couple things.  First, see how the color is spiraling up the foot of the sock?  I love that!  Also, the scrap yarn I just happened to have on hand matches so perfectly even I am amazed!

7 weird things

Snigs has tagged me for the 7 weird things meme. I am going to do my best but also pull in some expert opinions as well. Because I really don’t think I am weird at all, yet I am well aware that there MAY be things which the rest of the world would view as weird. On the other hand, that weirdness I do believe is well documented here, and I would assume we are trying to come up with weird things which people do not already know.

1. Sav thinks that drinking postum is weird. I may have to agree. She also thinks (and I quote) “I think its weird that you bloody well haven’t moved to Canada yet!!” And then finally she thinks it is weird that I don’t particularly like ice cream. I’ll give her that too!

2. Along the lines of ice cream is the fact that I don’t really like candy and sweets. You cannot tempt me with a candy bar. In fact, sitting right in front of me are 2 baby ruths and a milky way, but they have been sitting here since Halloween and I still haven’t been tempted by them. This does not include fine dark chocolate. I love dark bitter chocolates of the more expensive variety with a passion! But even then, just a bit at a time is good. I am rarely tempted to eat the whole candy bar in one sitting. Put a bag of potato chips in front of me though……….it will be gone!

3. I like to learn everything I want to know by myself. I taught myself to knit. I taught myself to spin. I do not like to ask for help from anyone if there is something I do not know. I do not yet spin in public because I do not believe I am good enough at it and don’t want anyone to give me any advice. The exception to this rule has been colorwork, I did ask my aunts for help this summer. Let me assure you I had reached maximum frustration level with it before I asked. I am pretty sure that this gene comes from my father. Although I want to learn everything myself, I want to teach everyone what I know. Therefore if someone wants to know something about knitting, I feel that I must be able to tell them. Or make a video. Probably I do this without said person even wanting the interference.

4. OK, now we must dig a little into my past to come up with a few more. I have a rather long list of places I have had pierced. including my tongue, and I had that done a grand total of 3 times. People who know me now are truly surprised by this. When all of my friends were out drinking and trying out drugs, I was decorating my body. I figured, if nothing else it wouldn’t have lasting effects. If I thought I could get away with it, I would pierce my nose again. Now that I don’t have allergies. (Hi Mom!)

5.    I am still in the midwest.  I think this is a little weird.  I don’t belong here really.  I haven’t family here and I often feel out of place.  I get homesick a lot, which is not weird.  I often think about running back home.  But the long and short of it is, I seem to have some sort of settled life here, as settled as it can be, so I persist.

6.    I knit.  Everywhere.  You may have noticed, but I don’t think many of you grasp the full connotation of this.   I knit in front of my computer when responding to emails.  I knit before class and after class and during breaks.  I knit during lunch and breaks at work.  I knit at stop lights when driving.  At home, I spin.  I spin while reading to my daughter.  I spin while watching a bit of TV.  I spin while holding my daughter on my lap so she can learn too.  I spin while stopping long enough to dress her dolls.  At this point, she TELLS me to go spin.  If I could figure out how to knit while driving, while at class, and while typing, I would.

7.    It has taken me days to come up with 6 weird things that you all don’t know about me.  Either I think I am normal, or you all know that I am weird.  Which in and of itself is a weird thing!  I won’t tag anyone on this one…..since I just recently tagged a bunch of people and Snigs has managed to tag anyone else I might for this meme.  If any of you feel like doing the meme, have at it and be sure to come back and leave a comment that you did!


She has had some really funny stuff to say lately, so I had better write it all down before I forget!

J just loves starbucks that he can hardly resist being there no matter what. I don’t like to hire a sitter during my “Bug time” and in regular fashion, I had not done so this weekend. Apparently last evening J had decided he wanted to go to starbucks so much that even having a 3 yr old tag along was better than no starbucks at all. So off we went. He got her some organic apple juice (I don’t want to think how price gouged that was!) while we sipped our mochas.

One has to understand that I wear contacts. So does the Bugs dad. I don’t wear mine often but she has seen me take them out or put them in. She calls them Tontacks. So we were sitting in Starbucks and she told me that her eye was hurting her. I pulled the hair out of her face in case that was the problem. She started rubbing her eyes and then announces “I think my tontacks are bothering me!”

This morning on the way to school we had this conversation:

Bug: “I smell tootie!”

Me: “I don’t, maybe it’s YOUR tootie.”

Bug: “I do not think my bottom smells THAT stinky!”


For the number of people who now find my blog because they want to buy postum, I should open a postum store!

Who knew that it continues to be such a popular drink!

Contest Winner!

So when I started the contest, the yarn was not even spun for this project. But once the yarn was finished, I could not resist knitting with it! The project itself was a very quick knit, in fact you could say I knit it twice in one day. The first time I followed Corries directions, and realized it was too small. I frogged, cast on again, and finished last night. I love it. I am wearing it right now. I do not intend to take it off. Thats right, Snigs FTW with calorimetry as the finished project!




I am hoping to have enough of this handspun to knit up a pair of fetchings too.

Now comes the fun part! Snigs is decidedly non yarnie despite all her creative bent. So I don’t think handspun will do! But I know what she does like…..Premier Designs Jewelry! I used to sell this stuff but just don’t have the time anymore, so my contract lapsed in August. Now I need to unload a few things. So Snigs gets to pick one of the following sets. And yes, I will sell the other sets half price if anyone is interested.

Simply Charming:
Bailey and all the rage:

Stole for Favorite Coworker

JenW, Tuire, and Corrie have voted for Print o’ the wave stole. Tuire, as you may have guessed, has a vested interest in this and is really pushing for the win!

If this project is any indication of how much I will like knitting with my own handspun yarn, I am likely to never buy yarn again! Between the pretty yet simple lace pattern here, and the addictive colorchanges of my handspun, if I didn’t leave it at work to do during breaks, I might never put it down. Seriously, I would not be able to decide which is my current favorite between the clap and this.

The only thing that may trip me up in the end is the border. I currently have 2 projects that need a border, this and the baby blanket, and I am afeared I tells ya! I have never done one, so it is going to take a bit of time, energy, and brain power to gather the courage to figure it out!


New Project….

Special shout out to Snigs for voting for this one….she knows me well apparently!

You see, I already have something in mind.

I noticed calorimetry at knitty, and noticed many people were making it, but it did not really catch my eye. Until I saw this one, in person. Well gosh it looks cute on her, and she says she wears it all the time. So I got some details about it and went home thinking…..what a perfect project for handspun!

Well for those of you following along, you know I have been having a blast spinning up this merino/tencil blend. I had intended to leave it unplied for laceweight singles. Trouble is, there were some overspun places that happened while getting used to spinning a new fiber. I realized it would need to be plied anyhow, and that also gave me a chance to try out my new niddy noddy! Yes, Nick gave me quite the surprise as he sent it to me even though we had agreed that to save on shipping, I could wait until I next visited the east coast.

I had been unconvinced that a niddy noddy would actually be faster than winding the plied yarn onto my fantastic and wonderful yarn swift. But it was WAY faster! Amazing!


In the end, I had a lovely skein of DK weight yarn for the calorimetry which I plan on casting on for very shortly!


Computer issues and socks

These socks I cast on simply due to my computer issues. Every couple of minutes I would have to again trouble shoot to get internet connection. Which took time. Now, since I had no interest in sitting and twiddling my thumbs during that time, I cast on for socks. Without the computer issues, I never would have right now.

I needed something that had quick short rows to knit so that I could also press the appropriate buttons without interruptions. I have been working on these less than a week now, only at my computer, and look how far they have come! I am seriously liking the pattern and the color combo seems very manly. As it should. Since they are FOR the person who works on my computer.

One would think he would have come here to vote for his socks then skew the vote by making my internet connection worse. But in true womanly fashion, my computer works fine when he is here or when I am on the phone with the cable company. So no one really knows why it chooses to work sometimes and other times not so much.

Riwa has voted for the socks. Currently my internet connection is working, so they probably won’t get far. If it goes out again though……..they knit up super fast!


Baby blanket which does not knit itself……

This baby blanket has been sitting in a corner for awhile, as I attempted to teach it how to knit and fully expected it to knit itself. Seeing as the baby is due today, I pulled it out a week ago to make sure it was finished. Much to my chagrin, it seems to be determined not to knit itself, causing me much heartache over the massive amounts to knit on it.

I pulled it out because I kept justifying other projects…..telling myself that it doesn’t have to be done when she has the baby, that new moms always go over their due date anyhow, that she will have so much newborn stuff she won’t even miss it even though she picked out the yarn for it…on and on I justified.

Until I had an epiphany! Why would I continue to justify and not work on a project for someone who is VERY dear to me? Someone who is having her first child, which I know full well is a very significant life changing event. Isn’t it selfish of me to just knit what I want while avoiding the project I don’t like? Therefore not commemorating her big event properly? I pulled it back out and am determined to knit at least 2 rows a day. I have let her know I want it to be big enough for her to use when her child is Bugs age, so it must be big enough. I will knit it crib size and then add the border.

So…izus, Cherie, and cabelle, you are right, the little one needs her blanket! But I am, unfortunately, far from done! (and this one hurts my hands to knit so I have to be careful)


Le Grande Clapotis

Clapotis, how much am I enjoying you?

I revise my original opinion. I started knitting this and though “Boring! Loser! ” I knew I wanted a large wrap rather than scarf size, and as much as I liked the color and the yarn, the knit was boring to me.

Then I realized something, it was knitting really fast! I just kept increasing and increasing, knowing I wanted that big comfy wrap and it just got bigger and bigger….

Then I went to a knit night with 2 gals who have already done their clapotis (clapotis’s? Claps otis?). Both of them were wearing it. Heh, and one of them was working on another. So one of them says (without seeing how big it was getting) “Just how big are you looking for it to be?” Somehow she knew….what I didn’t take into account was how much the dropped stitches add in the overall size. It almost doubles with the dropped stitches. So I went home, looked at my clap, and realized that I better quit increasing!

I have now done 2 drop stitch rows as you can see, and this is one seriously addicting knit. Between the yarn and the colors and dropping stitches and the ease in which it knits while I am paying attention to other things…..it is rather hard to put down!

So Nick and Corrie……I have a long way to go on this one, and am under no obligations to finish, but it is hard to put down!


The world traveler sweater

B’s sweater is destined for Ukraine, where he lives. At this point I have given up all hope that this one will be done during this season. Yes, I am down to a partial sleeve to knit and sewing which is half done and a neckline. But, in order for this one to count, it was to actually fit a normal person. And this is where we may have some issues. You see, the darn sleeves seem too small. I am terribly afraid I will knit the second sleeve, sew it all up, and realize that it is tight under the armpits. There is also the issue of it possibly needing some sort of gussets put in under the arms along the sides for extra tummy area room. And of course, since the recipient is halfway across the world, it is all guesswork anyhow!

So Sav, LK, and Celery, good luck to you, and to me because I will be very very frustrated if I have to rework the whole thing!

Oh, and LK, this contest has given me weird dreams, I dreamed that you won the contest, and I decided to make you socks (no that is not one of the proposed prizes) out of the same yarn I am using for clapotis, and you were so excited about them that you went out and bought special hot pink shoes to match!


Mystic Waters FTW

Ketchup…that cracked me up!

We have Rho and Ketchup voting for mystic waters. This would take an act of God to get done first, but you never know! In light of putting it up for vote, I figured I had at least better fix the issue which is making it languish in the corner in the first place. There is a mistake a few rows back. I have to tink (for you non yarnies, that spells knit backwards, otherwise known as unknit) I had no desire to tink but would never knit ahead with a mistake sitting there.

Ladies, I hate to say it, but I am on clue one still out of 8 clues of a very large and complicated lace shawl which I have also chosen to add beads to. It is pretty, but it is SLOW! I cannot, in good conscience, give you much hope. But I am glad you like it!


Anyone want to take a bet?

What will Shells first finished object of 2008 be?

Will it be B’s sweater?

Will it be Mystic Waters?

Might it be Clapotis?

Should it be Print o’ the wave?

It really SHOULD be the baby blanket that doesn’t knit itself

It could possibly be the socks I started while waiting for my internet to be fixed. Pattern is Earl Grey by Yarn Harlot. (picture of socks I am knitting to follow)

Or it might even be the scarf I plan to knit for Nick in return for current projects he is working on for me, yarn not even bought yet!

Will it be a project yet to be started?

To add interest, I have decided not to show you where I am on current projects.

There will be a prize but it will differ according to who wins.  Yarnies will get handspun, non yarnies will get something else.

And no, even I do not know which one will be first. After all, there are way too many variables at this point to even guess. Compounded by my trip to visit my parents at the end of this month which always provides me with a little extra knitting time!

Nick is disturbed…(from Nick)

Here’s the hardware to finished up the noodle.
The inserts gets threaded into a hole at the end of each stick.
And here’s the small version of the noodle:
And the large:
Shells can use the two different handles depending on how large she wants the loops (hanks?) of yarn to be.
Here’s a close up of the hardware:
Here’s what it looks like all loaded up with yarn:
And the hank once it comes off:
BTW I was very disturbed that I figured out how to use this thing on the 1st try. I had to take a video!