Anyone want to take a bet?

What will Shells first finished object of 2008 be?

Will it be B’s sweater?

Will it be Mystic Waters?

Might it be Clapotis?

Should it be Print o’ the wave?

It really SHOULD be the baby blanket that doesn’t knit itself

It could possibly be the socks I started while waiting for my internet to be fixed. Pattern is Earl Grey by Yarn Harlot. (picture of socks I am knitting to follow)

Or it might even be the scarf I plan to knit for Nick in return for current projects he is working on for me, yarn not even bought yet!

Will it be a project yet to be started?

To add interest, I have decided not to show you where I am on current projects.

There will be a prize but it will differ according to who wins.  Yarnies will get handspun, non yarnies will get something else.

And no, even I do not know which one will be first. After all, there are way too many variables at this point to even guess. Compounded by my trip to visit my parents at the end of this month which always provides me with a little extra knitting time!