The world traveler sweater

B’s sweater is destined for Ukraine, where he lives. At this point I have given up all hope that this one will be done during this season. Yes, I am down to a partial sleeve to knit and sewing which is half done and a neckline. But, in order for this one to count, it was to actually fit a normal person. And this is where we may have some issues. You see, the darn sleeves seem too small. I am terribly afraid I will knit the second sleeve, sew it all up, and realize that it is tight under the armpits. There is also the issue of it possibly needing some sort of gussets put in under the arms along the sides for extra tummy area room. And of course, since the recipient is halfway across the world, it is all guesswork anyhow!

So Sav, LK, and Celery, good luck to you, and to me because I will be very very frustrated if I have to rework the whole thing!

Oh, and LK, this contest has given me weird dreams, I dreamed that you won the contest, and I decided to make you socks (no that is not one of the proposed prizes) out of the same yarn I am using for clapotis, and you were so excited about them that you went out and bought special hot pink shoes to match!


3 thoughts on “The world traveler sweater

  1. NOOOO!!!! It must work!!! It must be finished FIRST!! And LK doesn’t need to go out an buy hot pink shoes to match; he already has some I’m sure lol!!!

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