She has had some really funny stuff to say lately, so I had better write it all down before I forget!

J just loves starbucks that he can hardly resist being there no matter what. I don’t like to hire a sitter during my “Bug time” and in regular fashion, I had not done so this weekend. Apparently last evening J had decided he wanted to go to starbucks so much that even having a 3 yr old tag along was better than no starbucks at all. So off we went. He got her some organic apple juice (I don’t want to think how price gouged that was!) while we sipped our mochas.

One has to understand that I wear contacts. So does the Bugs dad. I don’t wear mine often but she has seen me take them out or put them in. She calls them Tontacks. So we were sitting in Starbucks and she told me that her eye was hurting her. I pulled the hair out of her face in case that was the problem. She started rubbing her eyes and then announces “I think my tontacks are bothering me!”

This morning on the way to school we had this conversation:

Bug: “I smell tootie!”

Me: “I don’t, maybe it’s YOUR tootie.”

Bug: “I do not think my bottom smells THAT stinky!”