2 new techniques….

In just one pair of socks!

So I have this Koigu KPPPM. The purple stuff. And it is oh so pretty. But I have so little of it. So I want to use just as much as possible of the yarn and not waste any. I don’t want to run out.

My idea is to use a different color for the toe and the heel, saving the pretty yarn for the majority of the sock. How must I accomplish this? Well, first I have to attempt toe up socks, which have so far scared me. I love kitchener stitch, doesn’t bother me a bit to go toe down and graft the toe together. But in this case I run the risk of lacking yarn, so I tried the figure 8 cast on with some leftover matching yarn and proceeded to work on the toe.

I will knit a tube and then add the afterthought heel as I ran across this in Yarn Harlot’s blog and was just amazed, it made so much sense especially if one is trying to add a different color entirely to the heel. Really funny blog post too, read it! “Maybe I’ll just knit a tube and then see if I still have heels on my body when I’m done.” just cracks me up every time!

That gives me 2 new techniques conquered in one pair of socks. Not bad at all! J always tells me that he thinks knitting is good for your brain as long as you are always learning new patterns and techniques. I can FEEL my brain growing 😉

Also, you didn’t think I was going to knit the whole thing in stockinette did you?

*Shells dies of boredom*

I added a 3×1 moss stitch rib to the top, and once the heel area is determined, I will continue that all the way around.


I am extraordinarily pleased with a couple things.  First, see how the color is spiraling up the foot of the sock?  I love that!  Also, the scrap yarn I just happened to have on hand matches so perfectly even I am amazed!

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