7 weird things

Snigs has tagged me for the 7 weird things meme. I am going to do my best but also pull in some expert opinions as well. Because I really don’t think I am weird at all, yet I am well aware that there MAY be things which the rest of the world would view as weird. On the other hand, that weirdness I do believe is well documented here, and I would assume we are trying to come up with weird things which people do not already know.

1. Sav thinks that drinking postum is weird. I may have to agree. She also thinks (and I quote) “I think its weird that you bloody well haven’t moved to Canada yet!!” And then finally she thinks it is weird that I don’t particularly like ice cream. I’ll give her that too!

2. Along the lines of ice cream is the fact that I don’t really like candy and sweets. You cannot tempt me with a candy bar. In fact, sitting right in front of me are 2 baby ruths and a milky way, but they have been sitting here since Halloween and I still haven’t been tempted by them. This does not include fine dark chocolate. I love dark bitter chocolates of the more expensive variety with a passion! But even then, just a bit at a time is good. I am rarely tempted to eat the whole candy bar in one sitting. Put a bag of potato chips in front of me though……….it will be gone!

3. I like to learn everything I want to know by myself. I taught myself to knit. I taught myself to spin. I do not like to ask for help from anyone if there is something I do not know. I do not yet spin in public because I do not believe I am good enough at it and don’t want anyone to give me any advice. The exception to this rule has been colorwork, I did ask my aunts for help this summer. Let me assure you I had reached maximum frustration level with it before I asked. I am pretty sure that this gene comes from my father. Although I want to learn everything myself, I want to teach everyone what I know. Therefore if someone wants to know something about knitting, I feel that I must be able to tell them. Or make a video. Probably I do this without said person even wanting the interference.

4. OK, now we must dig a little into my past to come up with a few more. I have a rather long list of places I have had pierced. including my tongue, and I had that done a grand total of 3 times. People who know me now are truly surprised by this. When all of my friends were out drinking and trying out drugs, I was decorating my body. I figured, if nothing else it wouldn’t have lasting effects. If I thought I could get away with it, I would pierce my nose again. Now that I don’t have allergies. (Hi Mom!)

5.    I am still in the midwest.  I think this is a little weird.  I don’t belong here really.  I haven’t family here and I often feel out of place.  I get homesick a lot, which is not weird.  I often think about running back home.  But the long and short of it is, I seem to have some sort of settled life here, as settled as it can be, so I persist.

6.    I knit.  Everywhere.  You may have noticed, but I don’t think many of you grasp the full connotation of this.   I knit in front of my computer when responding to emails.  I knit before class and after class and during breaks.  I knit during lunch and breaks at work.  I knit at stop lights when driving.  At home, I spin.  I spin while reading to my daughter.  I spin while watching a bit of TV.  I spin while holding my daughter on my lap so she can learn too.  I spin while stopping long enough to dress her dolls.  At this point, she TELLS me to go spin.  If I could figure out how to knit while driving, while at class, and while typing, I would.

7.    It has taken me days to come up with 6 weird things that you all don’t know about me.  Either I think I am normal, or you all know that I am weird.  Which in and of itself is a weird thing!  I won’t tag anyone on this one…..since I just recently tagged a bunch of people and Snigs has managed to tag anyone else I might for this meme.  If any of you feel like doing the meme, have at it and be sure to come back and leave a comment that you did!

3 thoughts on “7 weird things

  1. You’re far too not weird enough. I must go to Nebraska at once and weirdify you immediately.

    Gosh, that doesn’t sound right at all, does it?

    Actually, you’re plenty weird- in all the good ways.

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