Latest blond moment

I don’t think we can even begin to call my hair color blond anymore, but apparently I retain the stupid gene that goes along with it.

Yesterday I had my first public speaking class.  I had not paid much attention to the class ahead of time, instead preferring to knit my heart out in anticipation that there would be a lot of study and prep time needed this semester.   So yesterday during work I realized I didn’t even know where the building was.  No problem, I had given myself plenty of time to buy my books and walk around campus.

So I looked up where my class was being held.  I didn’t really know of the building so I asked favorite coworker.  She said that she thought it was on the other side of campus from where we typically park.  That was ok, I had time, and I had my suspicions that she was right.  The only part of this that I didn’t care for was walking back to the parking garage late at night but I figured I could handle it.

So I printed out my class schedule, bought my books, and headed up campus.  Hiked all the way to the top of campus with a bookbag full of books and realized that I wasn’t seeing my building anywhere.  I walked back and forth a bit in an attempt to not have to ask for directions.  To no avail.  I stopped in the library and asked.  They informed me that the building I wanted was at the bottom of campus near the parking garage.  OK, no problem.  So I hike back down campus and go looking for the building.

Imagine my surprise when it was the same building I was in last semester!!!!!

New yarn for additional projects

Well, you have all been hearing much about Nicks next scarf, and the yarn for it has finally arrived.

It is very soft squishy yarn. I told Nick that it was much squishier and softer than his last scarf. Know what he said? Direct Quote: “ohhhhh now I want it now :)…. You can just send me the yarn and I’ll wrap it around me… ”

Yeah, thats a knitter in the making if you ask me!

And I got this sock yarn along with it… just SCREAMED Jenjen to me, somehow. Imagine my surprise when she contacted me and told me she was sending me a Neil Gaiman book, Neverwhere, authors preferred text version. How sweet of her to remember me! So Jenjen gets the socksocks:

We will see if I can manage to get them to fit being so far away.  Hopefully she won’t mind them being tried on by my coworker who has her size feet.