Bugisms part 2

So I’ve been putting off going to the store.  I have…..potatoes left.  I thought we would have eggs, but when I went to the fridge, they were gone.  Either there is an egg eating fairy in my house or I used them all over the weekend.  I suspect the former.  😛

I don’t usually make potatoes even though the Bug likes them, because I do not feel that peeling them at the end of the day is a responsible use of my time.  Well, I didn’t peel them tonight either, just scrubbed them and boiled them.  I informed the Bug that the skins were just fine, quite good actually, and good for her body too.  She likes to ask me “does this food help our bodies?”  I informed her that potato skins taste good and help our bodies.

So she sat down to eat, she practically couldn’t keep her hands off them even though they were too hot.  She looks up and she says “Mommy!  These potatoes are ‘alicious!!!  Even the skins are ‘alicious!!!”

Later on this evening, I heard her saying “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!”  Well, I have only heard that once or twice before from my mom, but I know we didn’t really teach it to her.  Apparently one of the kids at school hears it frequently and taught it to her.  Well she wandered about repeating this mantra, then wanted my attention.  I was, of course, knitting.  She bounces right up on my lap, gets in my face, and says “You get what you get and you KNIT KNIT KNIT!!!”