Weekend knitting turned into….


Yeah, I said I wasn’t going to spin until after my brothers wedding.  But with J away this weekend and the Bug spending some time with her father, I did get quite a bit of knitting done.  B’s sweater (which J is sure will NEVER be done) is being…..fixed. Sleeve # 1 was too tight under the armpit.  So I knit sleeve #2 to the correct measurements.  Sleeve #2 is done.  Sleeve #1 is ripped out and put back on needles and quite a bit of knitting has been done on that as well.  Add in some knitting on the baby blanket as well as the 2 lace projects, my poor hands were really feeling it by tonight.

So I started spinning this.   I’d take a picture but I cannot get it to look right.  I am surprised (as usual) at how much lighter in color this is spinning up.  I joined Mystic Light secret knit along, since I am loving Mystic waters so much.  Mystic Light will be using sock weight yarn, and I am thinking of using this for it.  Single ply. As it does rather remind me of firelight and summer evening sky.  We will see if I end up with enough yardage.  If not, I suppose it will make nice socks 🙂

And for those who suspect that I did nothing but knit this weekend…..I did a ton of cleaning, studied for class, and packed for the trip.  The best part was cleaning the Bugs room, which really really needed to be done.  We then moved her train set upstairs, as I had made a great big floor area for it, and built the biggest train track possible with the tracks we have.  The best one yet!

Now if only I can manage to not get the cold that feels like it is coming on……I suspect I will have to succumb to it eventually.

One thought on “Weekend knitting turned into….

  1. Would you bring some of your yarn to the next knit night? I’d love to see it up close and in person! (Or you know, to be safer, just bring something made OUT of the yarn, because you know I’ll steal it and hide in the bathrooms until everyone has left :P)

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