Bug gets her hair cut

So I have always cut the Bug’s hair myself.  There seemed no need to get it done elsewhere since she really doesn’t have all that much hair.  But with the upcoming wedding that she will be in, I thought it prudent to get someone else to do it so that it turned under nicely and was even.

She has gone with me to the “hair cutting store” to see my stylist.  They have a pedicure area with a long bench that has lovely pillows and blankets on it.  When we go to my stylist, she goes up and lays down on the bench.

I told her that she would be going to get her hair cut, and the first thing she said was “Now you can go sleep on the bed!”

We talked a lot about going to get her hair cut since she likes to discuss new situations before she experiences them.  I told her that she would need to sit very still and do whatever the stylist told her to do.  Well when I picked her up at school, it seemed obvious that the whole thing wasn’t going to go very well.  She was grumpy and crying and there were tell tale signs that she had not eaten lunch.  She kept saying “Mommy, I am SOOO tired, I don’t want to go get my hair cut I want to go home!”  I told her she would feel better after chicken and fries, and indeed she was able to hold it together by the time we got to the salon.

The stylist called her back, and we got her up in the booster seat.  She had been talking to the stylist but once she was in that seat, she suddenly stopped talking.  The stylist told her she could have a little toy if she sat still.  The Bug wouldn’t even answer her.  She sat there, still and quiet, and I rather wondered what was wrong with her!  Then the stylist left for a moment, and Bugs head snaps around and she says “I am sitting VERY still so I can get a toy!!!”  OH, so thats what is going on!  As soon as the stylist came back, same deal, she was extremely still and did everything that the stylist asked her to do.  The stylist kept saying “We NEVER get toddlers like this!  This is so unusual, she is so good!  She is sitting so still!  I can’t get over this!  I work in a restaurant, children don’t act this well behaved!”  I was so so proud of my bug.  As soon as she was out of that chair, she was chattering away to the stylist and got to pick out her toy.  She so earned it!

We got home, and Bug wanted to go back again.  That went better than expected!