Weekend event pictures

I thought I would post a few pictures of the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

Starting with the Bride and Groom.


I think they are crazy for taking pics outside, it was cold!

Here is a little moment between the Bug and her uncle.


And another of the Bug, who went around saying all day “I get to look like a princess like my mommy!”


Oh, you want to see what mommy looked like? (Sorry Will, I pulled you out of this pic because you looked totally whacky, but I looked good, you will be featured later.) This is of me, the groom (my brother) and my “other brother” John. Not featured is my “other other brother Will”


Also, here we are at the rehearsal dinner as well


Then a group shot, of the real brother, the cousin brothers, and a real cousin.


Now a couple of wonderful dancing pictures

Mom and Bro


Bro and TOO adorable cousin Monique


and Will and his wife Nikki, who look just fantastic in this picture if you ask me!