A few nice things

In the past couple of days, a few nice things have happened to me, which I want to highlight here.

The day the Bug and I flew back from the wedding, the midwest was bitterly cold.  With wind chill it was -17 F and we could feel it hit us like a ton of bricks even as we stepped off of the plane.  It was snowing and the wind was blowing crazily.  We had to wait awhile for a shuttle to the airport longterm parking.  When we got on the shuttle, there was a very kind older man driving who helped me with my luggage and got us settled as we headed out to the lot.  I told him that I had written down that I was parked at O5.  I wrote it down because I always think I will remember but then I forget anyhow.  But there was NO O5!!!  How could I have written it down incorrectly?  I was really upset that I could have done such a stupid thing.  I told him I could be wrong, and he said “No no, they changed all the signs this weekend.”  Phew, I am not completely insane after all.  So he took me whereO5 used to be.  We had to drive around quite awhile to find me poor car.  We did finally find it, and he said “Now, I am afraid your car might not start, so get the baby in the car and start it up while I take care of the luggage.”  What a gem!  Car started right up, and by that time I had my luggage in the car.  Since we had been up since 2:30 AM, any help I could get was wonderful!

I had class the same evening.  I had anticipated going to the grocery store, but it was the kind of cold that you do NOT go out in.  I even contemplated skipping class because I was just so very very cold and by that time the temp had dropped even more.  But I dutifully went to class.  I got to my parking lot, and had my money all ready, but couldn’t get the machine to take my money.  The parking attendant came over  and told me to get back in my car.  He made sure all the money was refunded, and swiped his own parking pass for me! How nice, a free day of parking while he stood out in the cold!

Yesterday I needed to get my car registered.  It expired today.  I was not enjoying the anticipation of spending my day at the DMV, but brought my knitting along to pass the time.  I also needed to change my address on my drivers license so I knew it would be productive.   When I got there, there were no lines, hardly any people.  The cashier I talked to took care of both things right away, as well as making sure I had an updated DL picture (I am way smaller now than I was 5 yrs ago) and was registered to vote.  In the matter of minutes!  It was too easy.

How can I keep on this winning streak???

Anyone want to join me at the casino?  (Totally joking, I do NOT gamble, ever!)

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