I have a snow day from school today.  They canceled evening classes.  I am well surprised but very pleased.  It is like gaining a free evening.  The trouble is, now I have no idea if we have a speech next class or not.  Hopefully that information will be forthcoming.

This morning I got the Bug up.  I took her downstairs while explaining to her that she couldn’t wear her pink crocs to school because it was going to snow and they had holes in them and she needed to keep her feet warm.

She said “It IS snowing!  It is SNOWING!”

I said “No no, it is gonna start snowing later on.  When you get out of school it will probably be snowing.”

She insisted that it was snowing.

I got her down to the car, opened the garage door, and realized that we already had 2 inches of snow!

It was snowing.  Mamma is dumb!  Mamma should listen to her Bug!