Oops I did it again.

Yes, I started yet another project.  J has been bugging me to knit him a hat.  I have not done so because I cannot find a pattern that I think he would be enchanted with, and that would  fit his rather large head topped with too much hair.

Yesterday I can across this. I was completely fascinated by the asymmetry and it looks rather loose.  J keeps telling me he wants a “cool hat” which I think really means he wants something very different from something I could pick up in a store.  I think this counts.  I decided he needs it for valentines day.  So last night I cast on, using the leftover yarn from B’s sweater.  I figured J paid for it anyhow, he might as well get something knit from the leftovers.  I have just about the right amount.  (Yes, I did also get him a regular gift, not just something knit quickly from leftover yarn that he paid for, ’cause that would be just plain tacky.)  Oh, and he likes asymmetry as much as I do so this hat is a win in that department too!

I haven’t taken pictures yet, maybe when I am done with the cabled band.   But this has been a great learning project!  The cabled band is knit onto the ribbing similarly to the way one would knit on a lace border.  Well, that is one thing I haven’t tried yet but will need to learn quickly since both Print o’the Wave and the baby blanket have such a border.  What better way to learn than a scrap hat rather than with my nice lace?

Think I can’t finish before valentines day?  Oh, I think I can.  Well, we won’t see each other before Friday evening so I have until then.  And I am halfway done with the cabled band now.  I think I have a good chance of finishing it up.

Also, stay tuned for pictures of the 4th clue of SotSii, I finished it Sunday night but just haven’t bothered to block it out and take pictures.  Also, I find myself feeling uninspired by never ending flowery motifs and I see no end in sight.  (OK, well I really can’t SEE the end, or even the next clue, but I reserve the right to be uninspired for now.)

Let’s talk briefly about other projects which I have going on, just as an  update.  I think I will knit one more full skein on the baby blanket then start the border.  It is actually coming along quite quickly right now.  Since I am actually knitting on it, see how that works?   Print o’the Wave needs 5 more repeats before I start the border, so it is also coming right along.  And that is it, nothing else significant has made much progress.

Oh, and might I mention that I started another project?  Branching out is a project I have always wanted to try.   Remember this post?  See the handspun yarn of unknown origin?  The purple stuff?  Well I have decided to knit it into a branching out scarf.  I originally started as the pattern is written, but decided it was too thin with the very fine laceweight, so I frogged and started again, doing 2 repeats separated by a 3 stitch garter row down the middle which imitates the 3 stitch garter borders.  Not much at all has been knit on that project, as it was just something to entertain me for a time over the weekend.  Sort of like swatching I guess.  I plan to just knit until I run out of yarn.  And keep it for myself, I really like the color.  I’ll have pics of that when I take pics of the other stuff.

A special shout out to my Dad who gave me a memory card reader while I was out there for the wedding.  My cord was not transferring pictures appropriately.   It was really borked.  The little card reader ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!  I am no longer fighting to get my pics transferred causing me to tear out my hair.  It is now a breeze!