Spoiled Rotten Bug

Nick got to meet the Bug when we were out for the wedding. He brought her the cutest little toy which he had made himself. A wooden duck on wheels. It even waddles!


We joke that Bug named the duck “No.”

So apparently that was a fun little project, even fun enough to get the book and make another. We shall call him “Way.” Bug is already calling him her “hippopotamus” in a very know it all voice, as she has been watching his progress via email. You’ve really got to see him in action too!



Reminds me of Bug’s favorite song:

“Hey Daddy there’s a dragon in the driveway

Momma there’s a grizzly on the lawn

You better come quick ’cause there’s a hippo in the bathtub

And he’s goin’ down the drain, Oh no! he’s gone!”

Nick says that a frog is next….pretty soon we are going to have Noah’s ark!