What would you do?

Say 10 yrs ago you helped someone out with some money issues, on the assumption that you would be paid back.  This person consequently did not pay you back and it was to the tune of $1,500 to 2K.  When you confronted said person about it, they basically made it seem like they were entitled to your money in some way and had no intention of paying it back. This person is not a family member.  That person tells you that they cannot afford to pay you back and then 2 weeks later has a nice brand new dream car.  Obviously they couldn’t afford it because they desired to use the cash for something else.

You chalk it up to being young and stupid and you learn your lesson.  You move on.  That person contacts you every couple of years trying to chat you up and see how your life is going.  You always ask again for the money and inform said person that you can’t be “friends” until the issue is resolved, or at least some good faith attempt to resolve it has been made.

That person, of course, considers you a real “witch” for bringing it up in the first place.  Now, I would have to say that over all I have forgiven this person.  In the years between contacts, I can honestly say I don’t give it a second thought.  Nor do I give said person a second thought.  I’ve let it go and moved on.  But when the contact comes, it makes me want to ask again for the cash even though I know I will never get it.  Just to make sure they know they aren’t let off the hook.

So what do you do?

Do you continue with current plan?  Ask for the cash and let them know you don’t want to be friendly?

Do you forgive them completely and let it go, letting them off the hook and just know in your heart that you won’t lend money to untrustworthy people again?  I mean after all, I have had to borrow money over and over lately, some of which will probably never be repaid properly.

Do you just out and out refuse to respond?

Are there options I am not thinking of?