What would you do part II

I have come to the conclusion that what bothers me most about this issue is not the fact that I haven’t forgiven said person, I think I have.  If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be able to completely forget about it in between contact.  It would eat at me and make me irritable when I thought about it.  I would probably have anger and anxiety dreams.  Yep, pretty sure the forgiveness is in place.

What hit me this last time was that knowledge that people just don’t change!  10 years later and it is the same story.  Also, this person comes very close to being similar to my ex and I don’t want either personality in my life.

So that is that, no contact will be made from here on out.  Messages from said person will be deleted and I can continue to give it as much thought as I do between contact.  Which is none.

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