A combo yarn

I made this half on my old wheel and half on the new one.  I guess you could say this is my “get used to the new wheel” yarn.  It wants to go around the collar of a sweater.


Now I am working on an 80% merino 20% silk roving from tempted yarns.  I am telling you, it practically spins itself into laceweight!  I love it!

50K headache

J’s BMW has now been dubbed the 50K headache. Why anyone would own one of these cars I will never understand. Yes it drives nice. Yes it is quiet and smooth and roomy. Yes I heart the butt warmer so much that he won’t let me use it in the evenings. Because I turn it on and become useless, falling asleep when he is still wide awake and wants to go out for coffee.

That being said, let’s talk about the issues with the car. It is a 2007 higher end model. He has had it for 2 yrs now. It has only 11K miles on it. The CD player has not worked properly since I met him. Thats almost a year now. Recently the windshield wipers stopped working. As in when you press the button they turn on only when they want to and they do not “sense” the rain on the car which they are supposed to. Not in the sense of there being ice in the tension system. Then, the low oil indicator started to come on. Now, BMW’s only get serviced and get their oil changed once a year. It had recently been serviced. The low oil indicator comes on and then when you check the oil it gives a different reading every time. But wait, for those of you who don’t know BMW’s, checking the oil manually means that you sit behind the wheel, push a series of buttons, and the car checks itself, telling you on a computer screen how much oil you have. Pretty cool huh? Does anyone see the major flaw in the system? I mean, if my low oil indicator light comes on, I pop the hood, pull out the dipstick, and check the oil. Now I know if the issue is a sensor or actually my oil level. ‘Cause you know I am good like that and my daddy taught me well. But the BMW HAS NO DIPSTICK!!! So there is no way to tell if it is a sensor issue or not. This leads me to believe that BMW knows that the only dipstick in the car is the one sitting behind the wheel!!!!!

Anyhow, between J and I, I am the one with the brains for mechanical things. Scary huh? Because as I mentioned, I am the type that puts vacuum cleaner handles on backwards. But seriously, he is amazingly intelligent but these things are lost on him. And that is ok. I told him the issue was the sensor somehow. There is no oil under the car. There is no smoking or burning smell. IF the dealership did not put enough oil in when they serviced it, the low oil indicator would have come on 2 months ago, not now.

So he takes the car in and gets a loaner. A lower end Beemer but brand new. I hated that car! The only thing it has going for it is the butt warmer. It sits too low to the ground. Getting in and out of it was like getting in and out of a 2 door vehicle. There was nothing lady like about it. The seats gave me a stiff neck withing 10 minutes of riding, I’d have hated to take it anywhere.

In the end, turns out that the BMW needs software updates just as computers do, and that is what caused the issue with the cd player, wipers, and oil indicator.  The dealership has to download the updates from the company and install them in the car.

J says he owns beemers for “peace of mind.” I say peace of mind is my 8 yr old $14K subaru that rarely gives me a headache and when a sensor goes, I can manually check the oil and know that the issue is the sensor. A car that is as much a work horse as a car. A car that maybe does not have cruise control, a cd player, or a butt warmer but I can drive it and be fairly certain it won’t yell at me when the temperature gets too cold. You see, the dipstick in my car is the one that sits happily under the hood.

Who knew that riding in a “fancy” car would give me such an appreciation for my own!

What would you do part II

I have come to the conclusion that what bothers me most about this issue is not the fact that I haven’t forgiven said person, I think I have.  If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be able to completely forget about it in between contact.  It would eat at me and make me irritable when I thought about it.  I would probably have anger and anxiety dreams.  Yep, pretty sure the forgiveness is in place.

What hit me this last time was that knowledge that people just don’t change!  10 years later and it is the same story.  Also, this person comes very close to being similar to my ex and I don’t want either personality in my life.

So that is that, no contact will be made from here on out.  Messages from said person will be deleted and I can continue to give it as much thought as I do between contact.  Which is none.

What would you do?

Say 10 yrs ago you helped someone out with some money issues, on the assumption that you would be paid back.  This person consequently did not pay you back and it was to the tune of $1,500 to 2K.  When you confronted said person about it, they basically made it seem like they were entitled to your money in some way and had no intention of paying it back. This person is not a family member.  That person tells you that they cannot afford to pay you back and then 2 weeks later has a nice brand new dream car.  Obviously they couldn’t afford it because they desired to use the cash for something else.

You chalk it up to being young and stupid and you learn your lesson.  You move on.  That person contacts you every couple of years trying to chat you up and see how your life is going.  You always ask again for the money and inform said person that you can’t be “friends” until the issue is resolved, or at least some good faith attempt to resolve it has been made.

That person, of course, considers you a real “witch” for bringing it up in the first place.  Now, I would have to say that over all I have forgiven this person.  In the years between contacts, I can honestly say I don’t give it a second thought.  Nor do I give said person a second thought.  I’ve let it go and moved on.  But when the contact comes, it makes me want to ask again for the cash even though I know I will never get it.  Just to make sure they know they aren’t let off the hook.

So what do you do?

Do you continue with current plan?  Ask for the cash and let them know you don’t want to be friendly?

Do you forgive them completely and let it go, letting them off the hook and just know in your heart that you won’t lend money to untrustworthy people again?  I mean after all, I have had to borrow money over and over lately, some of which will probably never be repaid properly.

Do you just out and out refuse to respond?

Are there options I am not thinking of?

Candidate found guilty of faking disappearance

I caught this story this morning on Good Morning America as I was spinning and waiting to go to work.  If you don’t want to wade through the whole article, the overview is that Gary Dodds, a former congressional candidate in NH, was found guilty of faking his disappearance to gain attention for his languishing campaign.

I watched the interview Diane Sawyer conducted with Gary Dodds and his attorney.  to be honest, he was a fairly believable character and I was tempted to believe that they had been too harsh with him, and possibly even gotten it all wrong.

He faces up to 7 years in jail for this offense.  Which, if it is true, is a huge offense if you ask me.   All the heartache of his family and loved ones, all the emergency workers called out working long hours and overtime on someones dime.  I am sure there are many more reasons this, if it is true, would be considered a terrible offense in addition to the fact that it is a lie.  I don’t think “up to” 7 years is unreasonable.

But as I said, he was believable, and I started to feel sorry for him.

Until Diane Sawyer asks him if there is anything he would like to say in conclusion.

He says “May God have mercy on their souls.”

Well, now he has lost all credibility in my book.  It isn’t like he has been tried and convicted with a death penalty.  If he is innocent, in probably much less than 7 years he will be back to his family.  Yes, it would be terrible if he wasn’t guilty and they found him so.  But did it warrant such a strong statement such as “May God have mercy on their souls?”  No, to me these are very strong words.  Too strong of words for this situation.  Smacks of melodrama if you ask me.

Any thoughts?

More spinnerly news

So in the last post, I mentioned that I sold my wheel. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that wheel! It worked well, and was great to learn on. But at the speed I picked it up I thought maybe I could get a different wheel if I sold the first. (This, btw, would not have caused an issue with my spinning speech except that we had a snow day). I’ve gone without a wheel for nearly 3 weeks now. I wasn’t ready to purchase a new one when I sold the old one. This was great for my knitting, I got a great deal done because I wasn’t spinning. Even Bug was missing the wheel though, she would ask where it was and when I would get it back.

Today my new wheel arrived. It was not exactly assembled when I got it. My biggest frustration was the lack of pictures helping me understand how to put it together. I mean, I am the gal that puts the handle of a brand new vacuum cleaner on backwards (not a fixable mistake) and throws out the “extra” parts. I know my dad fixed that little mistake and I am fairly certain it wasn’t the first or last he fixed!

So I put it really close to the swift, hoping some of Nick’s mad woodworking skills would rub off on me. It seems to have worked because I only needed to take one thing apart again to fix it.

Say Hi to the new member of my family


I swear I feel like I am learning all over again. She spins like a dream, very quiet and smooth. But I am not used to her yet, so I have to remember that some things don’t come quickly, she and I need time to figure each other out. The treadles feel completely different that the Kiwi, the tension is different, I am all out of sorts. I know it will come to me, but tonight I am a bit annoyed. Ready to pull out the drop spindle actually!